Eurotrip Recap: Boat Trip in Split, Croatia.

20 Sep

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote about my trip!

Last time, I had one day left to enjoy in Split, Croatia. My Mum was kind enough to send me away on my travels with a few extra euros and a note telling me that it was ‘to do something that you wouldn’t normally do’, so on our last day, we decided to take a boat trip out to the Blue Lagoon.

It was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I’ve never seen anywhere like it – the water was clear, the sun was shining, and the islands remained uncommercialised.

Our first stop was on a tiny island where we had a few free hours to explore, enjoy the beach and swim to cool down. The time flew by but I spent all morning thinking that I couldn’t believe how lucky I was – this couldn’t have been more different from my hectic school life!

Look at how clear the water was – amazing!

At lunchtime we climbed back on the boat for a complimentary lunch – I had smoked makeral. It was yummy, but let’s be honest, there’s a lot of effort picking it apart for not very much food! The boat then moved on to the Blure Lagoon, dropped anchor and we had a free hour to swim.

Lots of people were jumping in off the top of the boat, but I was absolutely terrified! I’m proud of myself just for swimming somewhere that my feet couldn’t touch the ground!

Our next stop was Milan, Italy, but getting there by train was going to take 24hours+, so we booked ourselves seats on a budget ferry line from Split to Ancona in the south of Italy.

I was still on a high from a wonderful day out, but when we got on the ferry the evening took an unexpected turn. Howard had decided that he wasn’t enjoying the hostel life and travelling all the time, and that he wanted to go home. Apparantly he had already discussed this with his friends and family back in the UK, and plans had been made regardless of what I felt. Needless to say,  I had a rather sleepless night worrying about whether I was going to continue alone or fly home aswell…..

3 Responses to “Eurotrip Recap: Boat Trip in Split, Croatia.”

  1. melissa September 24, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Wow that looks gorgeous! I can’t imagine how nervous you were thinking about traveling alone. I would have felt the SAME way (but I know I would have come to the same decision as you!)

  2. Kavi @ Lab to Fab! October 1, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    Great photos! Looks like a fun trip 🙂

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