Eurotrip Recap: The Decision To Carry On Alone…

22 Sep

So my travelling partner had decided to leave me and return home, and I was all alone in Italy unsure of what to do.


Before Howard had given me his news, I had already planned for us to go and stay with some family friends of mine in the mountains above Lake Como for a few days, so my first decision was that I would go there for a few days and buy myself a bit more thinking time.

Mary took good care of me – fed me, looked after me and allowed me to think and talk through my choices, surrounded by some beautiful scenery.

I have always wanted to travel on my own, but I was nervous and unsure of my abilities to cope. However, I spoke to a few of my friends who have travelled alone, and they said it was a great experience. My main thought was that people go out to Japan/India/China for a year all the time, so surely I should be able to handle 2 weeks in Western Europe?! Also, there would be no cost difference between booking a last minute flight home now, or booking one in a few days time.

So the decision was made – 2 weeks solo travelling in Europe, here I came…


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