Lacking Life.

29 Sep

I feel like my lil ol’ blog has been lacking life lately – and by that I mean updates on what is actually going on in mine! I have been working flat-out for the last few weeks so haven’t really enjoyed much play time, but I have been trying to make the mosy of the free moments that I have.

I have been trying really really hard to get back in the gym at least 2 or 4 times a week. Whilst I was away in Europe I adopted a very ‘holiday’ attitude towards my diet and was essentially just stuffing my face with lots of yummy things and pouring lots of cocktails down my neck! I am exhausted most of the time, but trying to remind myself that every little helps and that even 30minutes on the bike is better than nothing.

Also still trying to settle in to a good friendship with the new staff at school. Because of the way our rotas have worked out (there are 4 of us) but we are essentially split in to 2 couples, so it is hard to bond with everyone. I had an evening off on Monday though and my ‘partner’ and I hit the local pub for him to experience some traditional Somerset life (read: Cider!). There’s always a worry that when you go out wth just one other person that there could be an awkward silence, but we were chatting away all night and I had fun, which has to bode well for the rest of the year!

And finally, today I am off to meet my Mum for lunch 🙂

How have you been enjoying life lately?



One Response to “Lacking Life.”

  1. melissa September 29, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    It can be SO HARD to blog when your life is super busy! I’ve found that taking a couple hours over the weekend to schedule my posts is particularly helpful. Especially since being back at school, I would write like two of my re-caps from Europe on the weekend, schedule those, and then write little things in between!

    Sounds like your life has been just as busy as mine, so I can totally understand you! Enjoy a nice lunch with your mom (or wait I guess you already have by now with our time difference) but in any case, hope your day has been lovely! Enjoy your weekend!

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