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Eurotrip Recap: Monte Carlo, Monaco.

31 Oct

I had booked a longer stay in Nice so that I would be able to visit Monaco and more specifically Monte Carlo. Described in the guide book as ‘fishing town turned millionaire’s playground’, I couldn’t wait to visit and form my own opinions about a destination I had heard so much about.

I was tired and a little hungover from my night out in Nice, but jumped on the 20minute train to Monte Carlo and started to explore.

As soon as I jumped off the train and made my way out in to the boiling midday heat, it was obvious that there was A LOT of money here.

I wandered around the town trying to flight off my wine head and lack of sleep, and soon found the palace. You had to climb a hill (in the state I was in, I was dubious at first!) but it was well worth it when I got to the top.

The view was magnificent.

I spent the afternoon exploring and admiring the boats (imagining what exciting adventures they would be off on whenever I saw one leave!) but the heat soon got too much and I decided to hop back on the train to Cap D’ail where I’d heard there was a great beach – I was dying to get in the sea!

I hopped off the train at Cap D’ail – unable to see the beach (or any other people – should have been a sign!) but walked down towards the water anyway. I wandered around the coastal path, but couldn’t find any beach 😦

It was hot and I was tired, so I decided to head back  – except it was a national holiday and I ended up waiting ages for another train to arrive!

When I finally got back to Nice, there was a parade going on to celebrate France’s liberation (?)

Lots of cool things to see!

Monte Carlo was a cool place to visit – to see how the other half live – but I probably wouldn’t go back (unless it was for the grand prix!)

Well, it’s taken me 2 whole months (to the day!) to write them all, but this is the last of my travel recaps! What destinations would be top of your European bucket list?



Autumn Has Arrived.

30 Oct

Has Anybody Else Noticed…

30 Oct

Has anybody else noticed how hard it becomes to make friends as you get older?

I remember when I was about 18 going shopping with a few of my friends from school, and one of them commenting that I must have hundreds of friends because I kept saying hello to people that he didn’t know!

It was true though – I had a close group of friends at school, but my best friends were a group that I worked with in the local pub and others that I had met through them. On top of that, I had a few random old family friends, I played for a local hockey club and I had a friend in the village where I loved – we went to the same school but never used to talk to eachother apart from on the school bus!

I am a very social person and never struggled to make friends when I moved to Cardiff and started at university, throwing myself in to every opportunity and talking to anyone and everyone.

When I finished my studies, I moved back in with my Mum but thankfully my group of best friends still lived locally and we fell back in to our old ways of weekly dinners and lots of movie marathons.

I’m only blabbing on about all this because on Saturday night, a friend of mine invited me to a party she was having – where I probably wouldn’t know anybody – and this made me so unbelievably nervous.


I am a very independent person but I have been thinking lately that I could do with getting out and making some more friends – not because I have lost the ones I have, but because they are slowly moving all over the country and I miss having people around on a day-to-day basis to walk the dog with, or for a gossip over brunch.

The point to all this is that I want your advice! I spend all day at work (with people I love) but have nobody to socialise with on my evenings off (the joy of working in a boarding school is that somebody always has to work making socialisng difficult..) but I have no idea how to make friends in a town where I literally know nobody!

Any ideas? Has anybody else ever thought this?


The Fault In Our Stars.

28 Oct




In the words of John Green, ‘my thoughts are starts that I cannot fathom in to constellations‘ (yet…this book is too good!)

Oh Hello Half Term!

27 Oct

Finally, the holidays are here! Well, 10 days at least.

It’s been a rough few weeks at school – not because it’s been going badly, just very very busy and lots to think about.

I enjoyed a relaxing day with my friends at school on Wednesday though…an afternoon at the driving range (I am RUBBISH at golf – apparantly it is more complex than just waving a club at the ball!) and then dinner in the evening.

It is funny to think that we won’t be seeing eachother for a while. The holidays aren’t long, and I haven’t known these boys for more than 6 weeks, but we live and work together and see eachother everyday – and close friendships develop quickly under these circumstances.

I’ve got a busy week planned though – lots of time to catch up with friends at home, and then I’m off to London next week to see my little brother. It was supposed to be a surprise (belated Birthday ‘present‘) but he found out – which is upsetting but actually makes the planning a lot easier!

Exciting times ahead!


Thought For Friday

26 Oct

Happy Friday!

Eurotrip Recap: Cannes, France.

23 Oct

On my last whole day in France I jumped on the train to visit the famous town of Cannes. Unfortunately it rained all day, which put a bit of a downer on the day (the world trying to prepare me for my return to the British weather perhaps?!)

I was so upset that this was the first sandy beach that I had seen al trip and it was too wet for me to enjoy!

Unfortunately, I was seriously underwhelmed by the place, but am still glad that I have visited.

A combination of the weather, tiredness and my ‘end of adventure blues’ caused me to head back to Nice mid afternoon and settle down in the hostel watching dvds and stressing about how I was going to get to the airport the next day!

Happy Birthday Will!

22 Oct

My little brother is 21 today!

Will and I on holiday in France as kids

His 18th Birthday (the cardigan out the bottom of the coat look is a good one!)

At my graduation

Happy Birthday Will! Have a fantastic day, I love you xxx

Tried Sushi For The First Time This Evening…

20 Oct

and it was AMAZING!

(So good that I forgot to snap a picture – insert imagined image here!)

A New Appreciation

20 Oct

My Mum has been away in America for the past few weeks, probably having the time of her life, but it has been horrible not being able to text and speak to her daily like normal. It is something that i definitely take for granted far too much!