Time To Make Some Serious Life Decisions.

13 Oct

This week saw the big opening day for the GTTR (the teacher training application system in the UK). If I’m honest, I feel less and less sure about the decisions I’m making with every day that passes.


I was still debating what to do next year and with the rest of my life as recently as a few days ago, but have pretty much decided that I want to go abroad and travel and broaden my horizons as it were. Although these plans have always been lurking in the back of my mind somewhere, what worries me is that I have just made a pretty spontaneous decision!


The logic behind my decision is this. I love to travel, and I love working with young people in an educational environment. Even if I decide after 12 months that teaching abroad is not the thing for me, at least I’ll have tried it and had an adventure in the process? Not knowing what you want to do is as helpful as knowing what you do, so it’s got to be worth a shot, right?!


2 Responses to “Time To Make Some Serious Life Decisions.”

  1. Cassie October 15, 2012 at 3:58 am #

    Oh heck yeah, it’s worth a shot! Congrats on making such a big decision. Whether teaching abroad ends up being your thing or not, you’ll have TONS of awesome experiences to make it worth the trip. Good luck!

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