A Day In The Life: Part 1.

18 Oct

Ever since I got a bit crazy with my eurotrip recaps, I have sort of neglected to write about anything else on the blog, and if I’m honest, I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block. I haven’t given up reading blogs though, and the other day I stumbled across this post which gave me the idea of talking you guys through my day – I thought it’d be fun!

So here goes…this is how my Thursday worked out…

07.30 – Alarm goes off. I am not on wake-up duty in the boarding house this morning, but still need to be ready for breakfast at 8am.

08.00 – Breakfast time! We have to walk down to the main school site for breakfast – it’s about 500yards – thankfully this morning it’s not raining! thursday breakfast is normally bacon and eggs, but for some reason this morning it is waffles. I sit with some friends and we chat about what is going on today.

08.20 – Back to school, brush my teeth and head over to the staff room where we drink tea and discuss our morning sports lessons. I like Thursdays because the academic staff are not required to be in school in the morning, so the atmosphere is more laid back. We get ready to go and register the students.

08.40 – Callover time. I take a register of the girls and ensure that they are wearing the correct kti for their morning games lesson. When everybody is ready (and all hair has been tied back!), we head out to the hockey pitch.


09.00 – Hockey lesson! This is my favourite time of the week – the girls aren’t overly keen but it is a lovely sunny morning and a good opportunity to have a run around.

10.45 – The lesson is over so we head back down to school The girls have time to shower and get changed, and I have a cup of tea and sit down to respond to some school emails.

11.30 – After a quick change (I have to work in the office this afternoon), we call all the students together for a house meeting – the main topic today is costumes for the upcoming Halloween party! Then, off for an early lunch…

11.50 – Lunch time! Normally on Thursday’s we have a themed international lunch (everyody loves Mexican, so once that has passed every week is an anti-climax) but this week there was no theme 😦 I have some root vegetable curry and some salad. Thankfully we were chatting just long enough for the jelly to appear – nom nom nom 🙂

12.40 – Back in the staff room I make a cup of tea and head out to chat to the students for 20 minutes before afternoon lessons start. There have been a few tensions starting to appear lately, but thankfully everyone seems happy.

13.15 – I start my afternoon office duties. On Thursday afternoons I am responsible for collating all the sanctions from the week – we have a system where the students will lose the privilege of ‘town time’ (ie, being able to go out) at the weekends if they cause any trouble during the week. Afterwards I check all the registers to ensure that nobody is always late, and make a certificate for our Student of the Week.

To be continued… In the meantime, tell me about your day 🙂


One Response to “A Day In The Life: Part 1.”

  1. Carolina John October 18, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    I was hoping to leave work around 2:30 tomorrow, before I got pulled into a meeting that’s running from 4-5 pm. Who sets a meeting for 4 pm on a friday? ugh.

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