A Day In The Life: Part 2.

19 Oct

So here’s how the rest of my Thursday panned out…

16.00 – I have a few hours off now and know that I should really make an effort to get to the gym and squeeze in a workout, but I am exhausted (rubbish excuse, I know..) Instead I go to the supermarket and stock up on supplies for the amazing hot chocolate that i have been dreaming aboutfor a few days now.

17.30 – Supper time. I am not really feeling hungry but go anyway because it is one of the only times of the day that I get to socialise with some different people. Thankfully there is some yummy spicy parsnip soup available!

18.30 – Prep duty starts. Every night out students undertake 90minutes of supervised homework time, and it is myrota-d night to supervise – I sit and drink tea and hope that nobody will ask me any difficult questions. it is not unusual for me to feel really stupid at this time – I can hardly remember anything that I learnt at school!

20.00 – Prep time finishes so it’s free time. This means tv, chat and table tennis with the students until bed time.

21.30 – Time to go in to the boarding houses. I say goodnight to my co-workers and head in to chat to the girls. One of them even asked me if I had a crush on one of my co-workers tonight! She said that he is the ‘t-shirt that you get on with the best’…I hope she means teacher! 😉

22.30 – Bed time! I go round the 14 dorms in the house and check all the girls are starting to settle down and switch their lights off.

22.45 – I’m exhausted! Time to brush my teeth, catch up on some blogs as bed time reaidng and catch some zzzzzzz!


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