Has Anybody Else Noticed…

30 Oct

Has anybody else noticed how hard it becomes to make friends as you get older?

I remember when I was about 18 going shopping with a few of my friends from school, and one of them commenting that I must have hundreds of friends because I kept saying hello to people that he didn’t know!

It was true though – I had a close group of friends at school, but my best friends were a group that I worked with in the local pub and others that I had met through them. On top of that, I had a few random old family friends, I played for a local hockey club and I had a friend in the village where I loved – we went to the same school but never used to talk to eachother apart from on the school bus!

I am a very social person and never struggled to make friends when I moved to Cardiff and started at university, throwing myself in to every opportunity and talking to anyone and everyone.

When I finished my studies, I moved back in with my Mum but thankfully my group of best friends still lived locally and we fell back in to our old ways of weekly dinners and lots of movie marathons.

I’m only blabbing on about all this because on Saturday night, a friend of mine invited me to a party she was having – where I probably wouldn’t know anybody – and this made me so unbelievably nervous.


I am a very independent person but I have been thinking lately that I could do with getting out and making some more friends – not because I have lost the ones I have, but because they are slowly moving all over the country and I miss having people around on a day-to-day basis to walk the dog with, or for a gossip over brunch.

The point to all this is that I want your advice! I spend all day at work (with people I love) but have nobody to socialise with on my evenings off (the joy of working in a boarding school is that somebody always has to work making socialisng difficult..) but I have no idea how to make friends in a town where I literally know nobody!

Any ideas? Has anybody else ever thought this?



2 Responses to “Has Anybody Else Noticed…”

  1. Bree October 30, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    It’s definitely hard once you’re done school! I wish I knew. I know some people say book clubs or something like that?

  2. Hanna Scott (@excelsiorlady) October 31, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    I understand this completely – as an introvert it’s ALWAYS a struggle for me to make friends, especially in new places where I don’t have people to connect me with anyone else! It’s why I’m thankful that some of the negative opinion surrounding making friends online has disappeared; it’s always so much easier to start talking to someone through blogging or twitter or something and then grow a friendship from there. I feel ya!

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