Eurotrip Recap: Monte Carlo, Monaco.

31 Oct

I had booked a longer stay in Nice so that I would be able to visit Monaco and more specifically Monte Carlo. Described in the guide book as ‘fishing town turned millionaire’s playground’, I couldn’t wait to visit and form my own opinions about a destination I had heard so much about.

I was tired and a little hungover from my night out in Nice, but jumped on the 20minute train to Monte Carlo and started to explore.

As soon as I jumped off the train and made my way out in to the boiling midday heat, it was obvious that there was A LOT of money here.

I wandered around the town trying to flight off my wine head and lack of sleep, and soon found the palace. You had to climb a hill (in the state I was in, I was dubious at first!) but it was well worth it when I got to the top.

The view was magnificent.

I spent the afternoon exploring and admiring the boats (imagining what exciting adventures they would be off on whenever I saw one leave!) but the heat soon got too much and I decided to hop back on the train to Cap D’ail where I’d heard there was a great beach – I was dying to get in the sea!

I hopped off the train at Cap D’ail – unable to see the beach (or any other people – should have been a sign!) but walked down towards the water anyway. I wandered around the coastal path, but couldn’t find any beach 😦

It was hot and I was tired, so I decided to head back  – except it was a national holiday and I ended up waiting ages for another train to arrive!

When I finally got back to Nice, there was a parade going on to celebrate France’s liberation (?)

Lots of cool things to see!

Monte Carlo was a cool place to visit – to see how the other half live – but I probably wouldn’t go back (unless it was for the grand prix!)

Well, it’s taken me 2 whole months (to the day!) to write them all, but this is the last of my travel recaps! What destinations would be top of your European bucket list?




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