Feeling Strangely Fine.

3 Jan

When I was at school I had a job in the local pub. One Christmas (probably 7 years ago now – wowzers) I went along to the staff party and met a boy who’s name I had only ever seen on the rota – for whatever reason we never actually worked together.

We started talking at this party and swapped emails (remember the days when MSN was the key method of contact?!) and were soon chatting all day every day about silly things, and swapping new music artists that we’d discovered.

I developed a stupidly big crush on this guy, but nothing ever happened. He was a few years older than me and studying at the local uni to be a PE teacher, I was swamped studying for my A-levels and then moved away for uni myself.

As is often the way in life, we drifted apart and haven’t actually spoken for years now.

Europe 2012 352

He does cross my mind every now and again – he was a big part of my life for 2 years, but every time I picture it I imagine him working as a PE teacher and spending all his free time on the beach.

Last night he popped up as a suggested friend on my facebook – turns out he is now living in France and recently got married!!

I don’t know why but this made me really happy. A few years ago I would have been devestated to hear that he was married (to somebody other than me! ha) and that I hadn’t been around to help him with the big decision to move abroad – in other words, I’d have hated to accept how far apart our lives had become.

Now though, I’m feeling strangely fine. I went to bed with a massive smile on my face last night – I guess that even after all this time apart, it was nice to ‘hear’ that an old friend is doing so well.


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