28 Jan

Hey there.

Apparantely when I said last week that I was starting to feel a bit run down and overwhelmed that was a bit of an understatement. I have been fighting it off all week, but the illness has really hit me over the past few days and I have spent all weekend cuddled up in front of the tv at home with lots of Mummy TLC!

Still have lots to chat about though 🙂

We’ve had a lot of snow here this week, which has just prompted me to order a new pair of boots. I am struggling for money a little at the mo, but I feel like they are a justifiable key part of a winter wardrobe!

I’ve also just uploaded all the photos off my camera on to my computer and found a lot of Berlin and Christmas fun on there. I appreciate that it is a little late to be uploading Christmas tree photos, but here are a few of my favourites…

Berlin, Xmas & HP world 004

Berlin, Xmas & HP world 117

I also had another day on my TEFL course this week and feel like I’m starting to fall in to my stride. It’s definitely hard work, and I don’t anticipate it getting any easier, but I am definitely enjoying it.

And also coming up this week – A bit about my visit to Harry Potter world last week, all about how there’s a load of great tv on at the moment and a look at this month’s goals.

How have you been?



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