11 Feb

Wow, I didn’t mean to half abandon you for a week, sorry about that, but it’s been hectic (as always!)

Reading: Someone Else’s Life by Katie Dale. It’s pretty good, very easy reading, but I need to up my game this week as am falling massively behind on my reading goals for the year already! Also, itching to get my hands on a copy of The Scorch Trials (follow up to The Maze Runner)

Listening to: A lot of McFly, and I’m not even embarassed about it! I guess that’s what happens when you live in a boarding house full of teenage girls! I do need some new music to check out though – suggestions please!

Watching: As I was so busy last week, I have A LOT of saved tv backed up to keep me occupied this week, including Waterloo Road, Junior Doctors, Stella… I am also loving The New Normal. Does anybody else find that shows with 20minutes episodes are particularly dangerous for time wasting, because you always think that you can fit one more in?!! Yep, me too.

Feeling: Happy! I ca’t really put my finger on why exactly, but I am content as a content person can be at the moment 🙂

Eating: Nothing at this very moment, but very excited about pancake day tomorrow!!

Missing: My friends from school, already. Oh, and my little brother, it’s been a while since we chatted.


Appreciating: Having a week off work! I know I’ve only been at school for 5 weeks, but I am seriousy exhausted! Bring on the lie ins and play dates!

Spending my time doing: Planning for my first observed teaching practice on Wednesdya (for my TEFL course). Oh so very nervous!!!

Excited about: So much to look forward to at the moment! Lots o time catching up with friends this week, pancake day tomorrow (!!!) and my birthday in the not so distant future 🙂

How about you? What’s currently happening?

Happy Monday!




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