Treat Everyday Like Your Special Day.

11 Mar

You know that wonderful feeling that you get on your birthday, when you are automatically happier and seem to have gotten out of bed on the right side?

I had a real case of that on my special day a few weeks ago, and ended up feeling rather deflated for the rest of the week before I thought why not try and adopt that attitude everyday? It’s the same sort of idea as ‘oh but everybody’s happier in the summer because the sun’s shining’. Well, what if everybody was happier because they had adopted a glass half full birthday attitude?!

I know there  are problems with this simplified theory – I wouldn’t want the world turning in to a selfish place full of arrogant people because it was ‘all about them’, but I’m still going to try and look on the positive side of life form now on. Join me?


One Response to “Treat Everyday Like Your Special Day.”

  1. Carolina John March 11, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    Make today special just because it is today. I can get behind that! Good call.

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