March Goals Review

1 Apr

I did a terrible terrible job of hitting my goals this month 😦 It’s sad, but I really did. No excuses though, I just didn’t put in enough effort.

*I wanted to workout 12 times, which at 3 times a week I thought was more than reasonable – I went all out and made a chart to stick on my bedroom wall to remind me, and I managed to tick off a whole 3 boxes. 3 actual real workouts, seriously, no wonder I’m feeling chubby! I’ve had a lot of of dog walks and hours wandering around Paris on top of that, but I didn’t count them. In light of all this, I’ll be setting myself 2 exercise goals this month – time to get that bikini body!

* Read 4 books this month – I’m about 2/4 through my 3rd, and most of that has been during the last week! Again, pathetic!

* I wanted to feel an improvement in my TEFL teaching practice and stay on top of my assignments – this one I have more than achieved.

* Finally, I wanted to drink less tea and more water – Well, I’ve still been having a cuppa every morning, but other than that I generally tend to drink more water when I’m at home anyway…I’ll work on  building it in to my school life.

How did you March goals go? Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and check out my aims for April.



One Response to “March Goals Review”

  1. Carolina John April 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    I wouldn’t exactly call my march great, but it wasn’t a total tough time either. Here’s to a better April!

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