Book Review: You Had Me At Hello By Mhairi McFarlane

3 Apr

you had me at hello


Remember the other day when I was blabbering on about how sad I was that I’d finished my book? Well, this was it.

I originally picked it up because I was looking for some light trashy Chick Lit to keep my occupied on my school trip. You know what it’s like when you’re travelling – you want something that you can easily dip in and out of and get a good story line from but nothing that is going to distract al of your attention from what’s going on around you. I’d seen a few good reviews of this online and it was only a few quid on amazon (kindle) so I figured I’d give it a go.

The bok follows the story of Ben and Rachel – the best of friends at university and then out of contact for 10 years. When they bump in to eachother one day, Rachel’s world is suddenly tipped upside down. She is just out of a long term relationship but Ben is married – did she love him then? Does she love him now? Has she crossed his mind during their time apart? So many unanswered questions to explore as McFarlane skips between their current meetings and their student life years ago.

A solid 10/10 from me – I was hooked.

I think it really struck a nerve with me because it reminded me of my own one that got away. Best friends at university then abruptly torn apart by a change in lifestyle. I guess I’ll keep counting down until our chance encounter comes along!


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