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Memorial Hockey.

28 Apr

A few months ago, one of my friends was tragically knocked over by a taxi on a night out and killed.

He was a keen hockey player, and last weekenend, my local sports centre opened a new pitch in his memory and we had a big tournament ioncluding teams from his primary school, secondary school, university, workplace and hockey club.

It wasΒ a lovely way to remember him, and I was honoured to don the green and gold of my primary school again!

I hope you enjoyed it Rob xxx


First Hockey Match

21 Mar

Yesterday my class played their first hockey match as a team, and first ever for many of them. You see, as international students, many of them come to the UK never having played hockey or rugby (our 2 main sports) before.

We have worked hard over the past 10 weeks to teach them the basics (even how to hold a stick!!) work together and the most importantly rules! Β It took them a while to settle down in to a decent formation, and they lost their shape quite a lot, but for a first effort I was very impressed and oh so proud when the Boys managed to pull off a 4-2 win!! Having a few talented core players helped, but they all did so so well πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

❀ Sophie

23 And Counting!

22 Feb

Last Thursday I wrote a little post about how I was going away for a few days, but I’ve just realised that I saved it as a draft and just abandoned my little corner of the blogosphere for a while – sorry about that!

The last few days have been a little blur of Birthday-ness – I will share my holiday break photos and stories with you, but today I wanted to share my favourite memories of the past year a la this post!

1. Moving house, and having our first ‘gathering’ and getting to show my friends around The Villa.

2. Running a 37minute 5k…when I didn’t think I could run that far at all!

3. Being offered, and accepting, a job that I love.

4. Making a whole new friendship group in Taunton.

5. Lois coming to visit πŸ™‚

6. Teaching my first Boys’ Hockey lesson, and loving every minute.

7. Reaching my target weight.

8. A student telling me that I was going to make a good teacher.

9. And another telling me how much I meant to him.

10. Ordering my iPad as a birthday present to myself (happened this morning!)

There are lots more, obviously but it’s been a good year!

What are your hightlights from the last 12 months?




A Penny For Your Thoughts?!

13 Jan

No Thought for Friday today….just my thoughts I’m afraid!

I’ve been having a bit of a stress out this week about life, and have been feeling pretty overwhelmed. Remember towards the end of last year when I was stressing about whether to apply for a PGCE place or not and what my other options were for next year? Well, that’s back again!

I had some sensible chats with my mentor at school earlier this week, and upon checking out the ‘number of places to applications’ ratio at this late stage have decided to pull out on the university application front. I’ve left it too late, which I accept is completely my own fault and I’m mad at myself for, but I was feeling less than confident.

So I have a few options now, the most likely beng that I will stay at my current job for another year, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and then apply early doors again for September 2013 entry.

Anyway, the point that I’m trying to make is that I need to get pro-active about sorting a few aspects of my life out, and I guess I’m sort of making some belated New Years Resolutions..again!

I want to…

* Do more lesson observations, and organise going in to other schools.

* Consider doing a TEFL course.

* Get some sports coaching qualifications.

* Consider a position teaching at the Summer School.

* Start to build my confidence in other aspects of school life, and get a better understanding of the curriculum.

So there you have it, hold me accountable will you please guys?!




15 Jul

Hello lovely people!

I hope you’ve all had a great week πŸ™‚ Done anything interesting? Tell me all about it!

Just a few updates from me this morning…

As you’ll know if you are a regular threetimesf-er, Thursday is the big weigh in day. I lost 1lb last week! Not bad considering the weekend that I had. Next week will be the last weigh in before I leave for Taunton and my new job, and I have 3.5lbs to go to my target weight so time to buckle down – veggies and exercise galore for me this week (after my weekend away that is…!)

I also realised I haven’t posted about the moving house situation for a while. You may remember a few weeks ago that we found ‘the perfect house’ – great location, a nice garden for Maisie, very well decorated, and ticked almost all of our boxes – and put in an offer.

Well, we’ve had to pull out. Well, we didn’t have to, but we have decided to. When the survey was carried out, it became apparant that there was a problem with the roof. Nobody could give us a direct answer to what exactly was wrong, or how much ££ and how difficult it would be to get repaired. We didn’t want to get involved in that 😦

So as it stands, our house is under offer and subject to contract. Looks like we will be moving in 6-8 weeks, but at the moment we have nowhere to go. To say that I am just a little stressed would be a major understatement at this stage! 😦

On a much happier note, I am going away for the weekend πŸ™‚ Hockey Tour season is upon us – NWHC here I come!

(Note, this means I will be internet-less until Sunday, and probably half dead until next Wednesday (at least!) so please don’t expect too much!)

What are your plans for the weekend?

Finally, I am still looking for a few guests to write for me over the next few weeks. Check out the link here.

Have a good one πŸ™‚




Hockey & Hangovers.

30 May

Good Morning!

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting all you lovely people for a few days – have been busy living the dream!

This weekend I’ve been away visiting my university friends – I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I graduated?!

The weekend of fun began on Friday afternoon with a trip to the hairdressers πŸ™‚ Photos to follow –Β  It’s a little shorter than usual, I can’t get used to it!

On Saturday we played hockey – Current players mixed vs Old Boys & Girls. There were a load of old faces – it was lovely.

Then the fun really began – bbq and beer. What can I say? It got messy!

Due to the severe lack of sleep, and if I’m honest, quite heavy hangover, we spent yesterday just chilling out. Then came the looooonng drive home (it’s actually only about 3 hours, but when you’re tired and just want to be at home in front of some trashy tv these things take ages!)

What did you get up to this weekend?

Unfortunately I read today that Tom Daley’s father has lost his battle with cancer. I remember watching a documentary a while ago and thinking ‘wow I hope he survives long enough to see his son perform at London 2012’. 😦

My thoughts go out to Tom and his family – you can donate to his father’s chosen charities here.

Just scoffed some cake down for breakfast – and now off for a day of bank holiday househunting!

Have a good day!