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Eurotrip Recap: Lucca & Pisa, Italy.

4 Oct

Wow, it’s already been a while since I wrote about my european adventure, and I still have so much more to tell you! Last time, I had been abandoned in Italy and had┬ájust left the mountain house in Lecco. Fortunately (for more reasons than one, obviously!) I have a wonderful flatemate at school who happenned to be on holiday with her family in Italy around the time that i was there and stuck on my own. We have a little joke that we have to stick together at work, but this took on a whole new element when she rescued me from a few days crying myself to sleep in the back end of Italy! I got in touch with her just to see whether she would like to meet for lunch somewhere one day (I didn’t really have any real plans about where I was going to go..) but when they heard about my situation her parents were kind enough to invite me to stay with them for a few days!

So I met them in a small town called Pescia, and one day we went to visit Lucca.

Lucca is a small Italian walled town. Inside the walls it was very quaint, with tall buildings and was almost exactly how I had pictured a slightly more rural Italy to be. We spent the day there, exploring, lunching, eating ice cream, riding bikes and drinking cocktails. Abi and I lived together for a year, but had soent 6 weeks apart over the summer school, so it was just nice to have some time to catch up and gossip again.

How cool is this ice cream holder?! Ity catches the drips of the melting ice cream so you don’t get super sticky hands!

There are a lot of churches and towers in lucca, but this one was specifically recommended to us because it had trees at the top! Random, I know but how many times have you climbed 400 steps to find a small garden at the top?! exactly, not to mention the awesome view.

In the afternoon we decided to rent bikes for a few hours to see the town from another angle. As I said, the town was walled, but the wall was actually so thick that it had a cycle path on top! All was going well until the chain came off my bike (typical – these things always happen to me!) Thankfully, Abi was able to come to the rescue!

We enjoed a few mojitos in the sun before heading back to the villa for our last night together.

On Friday, Abi was flying home and I was due to move on, but we had a few hours to kill before she went to the airport so decided to visit the town of Pisa! I was very excited by this because despite not really having a plan, I was still super surprised by being able to see landmarks that I wasn’t expecting!

I was also very very surprised by just how leaning the tower was!

It was the perfect opportunity for lots of silly photos to be taken, and also to feel like a giant!

The days flew by in a blur of excitement but it was soon time to say goodbye and for me to jump on my next train. This time I really was alone, but I was confident that I would cope with a few days in Italy before moving on to France after the weekend.

So I jumped on a train (when I finally found the station!!) Next stop – Florence!