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Monday Walk & C25K.

4 Jul

Quiet workout day today – only an hour long evening stroll this evening. Fun, but not exacltly blood pumping. I feel a bit bad about skipping Jazzercise but the weather was too nice to stay inside.


Chilli & Chickpea Cake burgers, with some Pepper & Broc.

Big plans to start C25K week 5 in the morning. A little bit intimidated by the fact that week 5 workout 3 is 20minutes of straight running. Scared Face.

How has your day been?



Doing Life Again.

27 Jun

I know you probably think I’m a little bit obsessed with Ben’s blog at the mo, but he speaks real sense – Life is rubbish when you’re not ‘doing it’!

I haven’t worked out for about 8 days now, and have been eating a load of rubbish over the weekend. I was feeling like total poo.

It was an effort to drag myself to Jazzercise tonight, but I’m so glad that I went.

Post workout…

Time to re-fuel…

Steamed Salmon with some Rice (I know it blends in to the plate, but promise it is there!) with Brocolli & Asparagus. Can you tell I like Pepper?!

With some great entertainment…

4th Set…totally even…come on Nadal!


Monday Blues.

6 Jun

I’ve got the Monday blues. Don’t you just hate it when your alarm goes off but your bed is so comfy and warm that you would give literally anything to stay there for an extra half hour?

That’s how I felt today 😦

I also told my boss about my new job this morning. He seemed happy for me (He knew I was never planning to stay long term), but my temporary contract ends next week and now I’m nervous about my job security over the next 6 weeks. It’s making me feel all anxious and on-edge. 😦 Any advice?!

Thankfully I am home now. Just scoffed some Savoury Rice with Asparagus for lunch – so simple, but definitely one of my favourites.

Going to head out for a stroll with Maisie now (I need to make a good start on my 300k steps challenge!), and then to Jazzercise later on.

How is your Monday going?


Good Intentions.

4 Jun

I wrote a massive post about my good intentions last night, but my computer crashed and now it is gone forever 😦

In short, I need a plan to get back on track. I have been messing about with my food over the past few days weeks.

So here is my pledge, a little challenge if you will!

Today is June 4th.

I have started wearing my pedometer again, and before the end of the month (26 days) I will walk 300,000 steps.

I will also work out everyday – not necessarily hardcore, sweat in my eyes workouts, but I will at least go for a walk and lift some weights!

Day 1 of the new (temporary) ‘regime’ – 10.58am and I have already been to Jazzercise (4,091 steps) GO ME!

Now to enjoy this beautiful weather for the rest of the weekend.

What are your plans?


Jazzercise Fever!

21 May

Good morning all you lovely people!

Grabbed a quick breakfast this morning (Scrambled eggs with mushrooms) and headed off to Jazzercise 🙂

Now to decide how to spend the rest of my weekend…

What have you got planned?


ps – 20sb tweeted about my forum post today – woohoo!

Motivation (Or Lack Thereof).

16 May

I couldn’t really be bothered to work out tonight.

Now understand that this is very unlike me. I LOVE Jazzercise. Like, I’m borderline obsessive. But for some reason, tonight I just couldn’t be bothered.

This led me to thinking about what motivates us to exercise and lose weight.

Tonight I went to Jazzercise because I had put it in my diary, and therefore I try to treat it like an appointment. I wouldn’t skip lunch with the girls because I was a little tired, so why would it be okay to skip a workout?

There are a few reasons for my wanting to lose those last few pounds.

I still feel fat. My clothes still feel tighter than comfortable. I have always been the ‘fat friend’ and I’m sick of it.

The positive twist on this that I have been working towards for the past month or so, is that the weekend after next I am heading to Cardiff for a weekend with lots of my university friends, and I want them to notice how much slimmer I’m looking! (A little vein, maybe, but who doesn’t love getting complimented?! 🙂 )

Also, bikini season is looming…

Food and Fitness!

Well, as I’ve already said I’ve Jazzercise-ed today (albeit half heartedly). I am also rather ambitiously setting my alarm for 6.45am to try and get in my first C25K run of the week – I have it pencilled in for tomorrow, and have no idea when I’ll have the time later in the day.

Despite having some more left over Butternut Squash Chilli for lunch, I was hungry again by the time I got home.

So I tucked in to some Brocolli and Pasta Cheesey Bake I found in the fridge 🙂

Well, I needed to fuel up!

When I got home my lovely Mum had made me some Cauliflour & Sweet Potato Curry, which I had along with a bowl of fresh strawberries 🙂

No photos here – Sorry I’ve been a bit lax on that front as of late…

What motivates you to exercise or hold back on the cupcakes?


C25K Run 1(1) and Goal Recap!

9 May

Food and Fitness

I went on my first C25K run today! (finally!) I was surprised at how quickly it went actually…hopefully that affect will last! I listened to a special C25K playlist, which was so convenient! I was worried that I’d have to be looking at my watch all the time and would get all time-obsessed!

When I got home, I re-fuelled and rehydrated with my book 🙂

Scan Bran cake with yoghurt, Squash and Hilary Mantel!

Then off to Jazzercise! Man I will sleep well tonight!

Normally I’ll be reviewing my goals on a Sunday, but everything got a little hectic yesterday!

Last week’s goals!

Take a pre-packed lunch to work everyday – I was 100% successful on this front! 😀

Only drink 1 can of Diet Coke per day – I was managing okay on this one until I went away for the weekend and things got a little out of hand. Will try it again this week.

Exercise 4 days this week – Didn’t manage this one either because the week turned out to be way busier than I had anticipated! Am already ona roll this week though, so bring it on!

Goals this week!

Exercise 4 days.

Only drink 1x Diet Coke a day.

Snack less.


We had our house valued today, and good news – it’s worth approximately £60k more than we had estimated! We’ve lived here for about 19 years, so really had no idea about the price range!

Time to start looking at more (expensive!) places! 😀

Do you use playlists on your run? How did you get on with your goals last week?