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French Fun

26 Mar

Last week I went on a school trip (hence the lack of blogging..again) to France – Normandy and Paris to be exact.

We left late on Wednesday and hopped on the ferry to Caen where we visited the D-Day landing sites, Omaha beach and the American Cemetry. Unfortunately it was a wet and windy day, but still very moving.

That evening, we headed south to Paris. I was happy happy happy to be back in this city – I haven’t visited for a few years but it is one of my favourites.

It was a busy few days packed full of touristy activities – In the UK it’s unusual to meet someone who hasn’t been to France (and Paris) but for lots of our international students, England is the only European country they have visited.

Paris - eiffel

We visited Eurodisney which was very exciting for me as I’ve never been before. When I told my Mum that I was going she explained how proud she was when my little brother had reached his 18th birthday that she’d survived both of our childhoods without having to visit a disney themed theme park!

Paris - disney castle

Paris - carousel

We spent the next day trekking up the Eiffel Tower (it was so so cold at the top!!) and visiting Le Louvre museum. Unfortunately the rest of the day’s activities took so long that we only had about 45 minutes in there so it was a quick dash to see the Mona Lisa and then I was so wiped out that I had to stop and take full advantage of their cafe! I didn’t realise that entry only cost 11euros though and there was loads that I would have liked to have seen, so I’ll whack a full day visit on the agenda for next time I’m there.

Paris - Louvre

Check out all those bags – the sign of a member of staff in a school trip group! School camera, check. First aid kit, check. Lots of extra food and water, check!

On the last night we also managed to get ourselves stuck in the middle of a riot and demonstration just off the Champs Elysée!

Paris - riot

Apparantly they were campaigning against gay marriage?! I will never understand how some people think…

I managed to snap a pretty picture of the Eiffel Tower as we left the city after a whirlwind trip for the ferry back to Dover. There was a long night ahead (with very little sleep!), drop offs at the airport and a very early arrival back at school. Needless to say, I was glad to be reunited with my own bed again last night!

Paris - night eiffel

Until next time Paris…


Bucket List – Travel!

9 May

A few years ago I spent a month of my summer holiday travelling around major cities of Europe. I know it wasn’t long compared to some people’s adventures, but it was long enough to instill the travelling bug deep in my soul!

When I’m feeling a bit rubbish I like to daydream about where I would travel if I won the lottery (oh hi guilty pleasure!)

#1. Australia and New Zealand

I know they are one of those standard gap year places where everyone goes, but I’d like to be about to join in with those conversations that my friends have that start with ‘hey remember that night in NZ when we…’


#2. America

I’m not really sure where, but there is so much media, and I read so many blogs about American life that I just want to experience it. For some reason, us Brits all want to come to the States and go to a party where they drink from those red plastic cups like on American Pie! Do you guys even have them?! On second thoughts, don’t tell me – I don’t want my trashy movie illusions shattered!


#3. Cape Town

I have visited Cape Town before when I was about 12 – I don’t remember it too well but I do remember thinking it was amazing! I loved the contrast between the shanty towns (although seeing them was really sad) on the outside of the city against the wealthy hustle and bustle of the waterfront area. Everybody just seemed so happy and relaxed, as if they lived on holiday!


#4. Berlin

Again, Berlin is a place that I have already visited. It was one of my favourite cities because it totally wasn’t how I expected it to be. Looking back, I’m not really sure what I expected, except for it all to be dark and dingy and broken after studyng the war too much! I’d really like to go in December though so that I can visit all the Christmas Markets.


#5. France

I have been to France a number of times – My Mum used to work at Brittany Ferries so that’s where we holidayed as kids. I studied French at school, and have been using it a little since working in an international school, but I would really like to opportunity to explore Southern France a little more and spend some time in Paris, soaking up the atmosphere and consolidating my language skills.


Your turn – what destination is at the top of your travelling bucket list?