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BlogLovin’, Prezzos & Pre-Term Nerves.

4 Sep

Ladies and Gentlemen – we have a breakthrough! I have finally worked my way through the 56blog entries saved up on my bloglovin’ account! Craziness, but lovely that I feel up-to-date with your lives again!

Before I returned to Taunton last week I went out for a meal with Mother and Brother, and forgot to share the photoes with you. We went to Prezzos – the food was average and service was actually pretty poor, but thankfully there were some good views and great company. I won’t be going back for a while though…

Me and the little bro 🙂

And Mother!

Unfortunately I had to snap this through the window before the sun disappeared, but sunset was pretty spectacular…

…as was the sky afterwards…

The students arrive tomorrow, and although I sort of know what to expect, i must admit I am feeling rather nervous. I have just been organising my new diary, and the schedule is jampacked! Aaaaahhh!

The big house move is also planned to happen this Friday, so that is constantly buzzing around the back of my mind!


Aaaaaaahh, I’ve just realised that I totally forgot about Thought For Friday this week! Maybe we’ll have Thought For Monday instead…. :/ oops!


I Love My BFF!

24 Aug


I’m having a bit of a sort my life out (read: sort threetimesf out) day today!

I know a Wednesday post is sort of going against the new ‘schedule‘, but I miss talking to you guys. I could easily have posted daily this week, but I don’t want to get your hopes up for when I get back to work next week. I will try to post every other day or about 4 times a week though 🙂

I’ve had a great few days – the BFF came to visit!

Lois was my housemate at uni, and is one of the most beautiful people I know. You know how some people are just bright and funny and light up a room? She’s one of those 🙂 Wow, I miss living with her.

We have only spent about 2 hours together since we graduated last July, so we had a lot of catching up to do!

(Check out our colour co-ordination that even matches the pub sign and landrover!)

It was a wonderful few days of eating and drinking and chatting!

Ooooh, and we went out for dinner last night (Hello lamb and rosemary burger!) and the sky was fabulous!


I can’t believe I’m in to the last week of my holiday already 😦 I’m excited about getting back to work, but I can’t deny that I’m loving sitting around in my pjs until 3pm (note, today is the first day I’ve done this!)

What has been going on in your world?


ps – I read this post this morning on Girl Meets Life. I love it – not really sure why but I think it speaks volumes about self-esteem. Enjoy!

Beach BBQ

28 Jul