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It’s Been A Big Week.

11 Dec

Wow, I am so glad it’s finally the Christmas holiday and that I have a month off school! It’s been a busy few days but I’m hoping to get the blog back on track and catch up with myself a little bit – I’ve missed you all!

As I mentioned last week I have been accepted on to a TEFL course at a local language school. I had my official offer through at the weekend and have a pre-course task to complete. It’s going to be pretty hardcore, but I am very excited about the prospect. Having some sort of direction is making me feel much more in control of my life!

Last week was the end of the first term at school, so we have been celebrating Christmas. Now, I love the holidays as much as the next person, but it does not sit right with me to decorate in November!

It was a week of food and wine, 3 nights in a row!

London & End of term xmas 2012 223

London & End of term xmas 2012 244

It’s odd to think that despite only knowing eachother for 10 weeks, these 7 are quickly turning in to my best friends.

London & End of term xmas 2012 286

Now for a couple of days of R&R at home, before heading off to Berlin on Sunday! Woohoo!


A Penny For Your Thoughts?!

13 Jan

No Thought for Friday today….just my thoughts I’m afraid!

I’ve been having a bit of a stress out this week about life, and have been feeling pretty overwhelmed. Remember towards the end of last year when I was stressing about whether to apply for a PGCE place or not and what my other options were for next year? Well, that’s back again!

I had some sensible chats with my mentor at school earlier this week, and upon checking out the ‘number of places to applications’ ratio at this late stage have decided to pull out on the university application front. I’ve left it too late, which I accept is completely my own fault and I’m mad at myself for, but I was feeling less than confident.

So I have a few options now, the most likely beng that I will stay at my current job for another year, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and then apply early doors again for September 2013 entry.

Anyway, the point that I’m trying to make is that I need to get pro-active about sorting a few aspects of my life out, and I guess I’m sort of making some belated New Years Resolutions..again!

I want to…

* Do more lesson observations, and organise going in to other schools.

* Consider doing a TEFL course.

* Get some sports coaching qualifications.

* Consider a position teaching at the Summer School.

* Start to build my confidence in other aspects of school life, and get a better understanding of the curriculum.

So there you have it, hold me accountable will you please guys?!