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Two For Tuesday.

4 Oct

Two workouts, that is. On Tuesdays we take ‘activity’ sessions after school – I do an hour of Basketball with some of the boys.


Then straight to the gym for a quick session. I decided to go for some rolling intervals on the treadmill (I know what you’re thinking – I thought this was very technical for me too!)

5 mins warm up – speed 6

4 mins – speed 8

3 mins – speed 8.5

2 mins – speed 9

1 min – speed 9.5

30 secs – speed 10

1 min – speed 9.5

2 mins – speed 9

3 mins – speed 8.5

4 mins – speed 8

5 mins cool down – speed 6

Total – 29.30mins and 3.75k

To begin with I thought I had set the paces at too slow of a pace, but later on I realised that I was working hard and I was actually really proud of myself for running for 20 straight minutes – I can’t remember the last time that happenned as I am normally a big fan of the run/walk method!

It was good to feel like I was really pushing myself again – I know I have been slacking on my workouts lately, but I am getting back in the zone.

Did you workout today?

Have you heard that Tuesday night is the new Saturday?!

At least that’s what today’s shopping would suggest…

Have a good evening!



Food & Fitness…That Is What The Blog’s Called After All!

27 Sep

Hey, check me out posting 2 days in a row?! Haven’t felt this in a while – maybe I’m starting to settle in to a routine?!

You may or may not have noticed (I was a little embarassed and hence didn’t draw attention to it on the blog..)  that once I started this new job I stopped posting about food and exercise (read: I was eating badly and sitting on my bum a lot of the time).

Well, I have been making a real effort to sort that out as of late.

Lots of salad and healthier (as healthy as they can be when you’re eating school dinners 24/7) choices appearing on my plate, and I have been making a real effort to get some regular workouts in.

Yesterday I played badminton and taught a Tag Rugby session (love that game!). Today I have been to the gym. Tomorrow I have a gym date. Things are finally starting to fall in to place and I am glad. Although I weighed myself at the weekend and I haven’t gained (or lost) and weight, I was starting to feel a little lethargic and tired.

Once the food and exercise is back on track, the next challenge would be to get a little more sleep!

How do you manage to fit your workouts in to a hectic schedule?


Getting A Sweat On.

2 Aug

Yesterday was a really good day.

It had been a pretty long night, with lots of drama in the boarding house, and not much sleep, so I had a nap (can you call it a nap at 8.30am?!!) after breakfast.

Then I got up and went running. It wasn’t good! I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with C25K lately because everything has been so hectic, and it showed. I thought I would go for week 5 (run 5mins, walk 3, run 5, walk 3, run 5) and it was really difficult. I wasn’t really feeling great and was lacking in energy – I must get back in to the swing of things again.

I made up for the lack of sweat in the afternoon though. I was rota-d to be teaching rounders in the afternoon, but only 3 girls signed up and I couldn’t really see how that was going to work (?!) so they went off to the fitness suite and I joined the boys for a spot of tag rugby – I have the war wounds to prove it!

Boy, it was hard! Very good fun though 🙂

I also tried my hand at laser clay shooting (like clay pigeon shooting) in the evening. Honestly, there is so much going on around here! I wasn’t great though, and my arm was shaking all eveneing because the guns were so HEAVY!! Need to work on my guns… (no pun intended).

Did you get a workout in yesterday?