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Bluebell Wood and C25K!

30 Apr

Went for a fantastic walk today – didn’t want to miss ‘peak bluebell time’ – it’s so unpredictable with the good weather lately! Such a fabulous sight.

It’s times and walks like this that make me relaise just how spectacular Dartmoor is, and how lucky I am to live here!

Anyway, enough of the cheesiness!

Tomorrow, I am starting the Couch 2 5K challenge (Here is the programme outline) which I read about on my favourite blog . Despite the fact that I think I exercise quite regularly (well 3-4 times a week), I cannot run very far at all. I am excited and keen to get started, but very nervous, and posisbly a little worried that I won’t be able to run the 60 seconds for week 1!

Anybody got any tips? Has anyone done C25K before?

Wish me luck!


Happy Royal Wedding Day!

29 Apr

Well, the day the whole world has been waiting for is finally here! They’re married!

I wasn’t originally very interested, or planning on embracing the wedding fever, but when I woke up this morning I couldn’t actually help it! What started as a cheeky peek at Prince Harry, and wanting to see the dress, turned in to 3 hours glued to the TV watching it all live!

I also live in one of those cute villages with a great community spirit, and so this afternoon we had cream teas, a few glasses of fizz, and a special wedding cake! As a result, I’m feeling a little bloated this evening, but it was worth every mouthful!

Amongst all this fun, I only managed to squeeze in a 3-mile walk this morning (was exhausted after a stressful week) – so off to bed now so that I can be up early for Jazzercise in the morning (You’ll soon learn that I am completely and hopelessly addicted!).

What did you do to celebrate the big day?

Sophie x

Formal Introductions.

29 Apr

Hey guys!

I feel that if you are going to get properly involved in my journey it is only fair that I share my background story with you – it’s the first step in us becoming real, lifelong friends!

All my life I have suffered with my weight – always been the ‘fat friend’. I am fortunate enough to have never been bullied because of my weight, nor has it ever got me really ‘down’. However, I always wish that I was buying my clothes  size smaller (I’m not sure this will ever change!). So in the summer of 2008, I joined Slimming World for the first time. I was amazed at how much I could eat, and how relatively straight forward the plan was to follow – I got on really well, and dropped about a stone. However, when I returned to my life as a beer-guzzling, fast food-loving student in September, this rate of weight loss was difficult to maintain, and I stopped going to group, and gained most of the weight back.

This pattern continued until I graduated last year (2010) and I decided that enough was enough – I did not want to get any bigger, and returned to ‘fat club’! I started off well, but have been struggling a litte of late as I get closer and closer to my target weight!

I think the trick now is to go back to basics, and up the ante with my exercise programme – which is where you come in! Tips and motivation always welcome! (On this front, introductions to Bob Harper also very welcome!).

In time, I guess what you can come to expect from my blog is an honest, heart warming (and probably hilarious – at my expense!) story of weight loss as I search for my optimum weight, juggle commitments with the gym, and work out how I am going to stay halthy!

Until next time…

Hello World!

27 Apr

Hey guys!

Well, here I am. I had this idea to start a blog in order to start writing again, and decided that I would share the ups and downs of my weight loss journey, with with a healthy dose of ‘life’ chucked in too!

So here is my story. I am a 22 year old brit (living in Devon) and have struggled with my weight for years. I am a die hard Slimming World believer, and want to share the knowledge that I have gained, some funny stories and recipes etc with you all. I also need to ‘up the ante’ with my exercise regime, so I am taking on the C25K challenge, which I came across whilst ‘researching’ for my blog!

So please feel free to join me on my journey to become a ‘Born Again Self-Confessed Couch Potato’! I’m going to need all the help I can get!