Chilli & Chickpea Cakes.

For all you Slimming World-ers out there, this recipe is a slight adaptation of the one on pg 26 of the Extra Easy cookbook.


  • 2x tins of chickpeas.
  • Coriander.
  • 2x Finely chopped Chillis.
  • 2x Eggs


  • Add the finely chopped chillis and coriander to the chickpeas.

  • Blend!

  • Add the eggs, and blend some more.

  • Spray some fry light in a pan, and cook on a medium heat until golden brown (Remember to flip them over!)

  • I’m having mine as a ‘burger’ but they work equally well as snack ‘cakes’!


Slimming World Lowdown!

Free on Green & Extra Easy.

Adding some wholemeal breadcrumbs (Healthy B option) helps them blend a little better.

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