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How To Drink Your Daily Recommended Amount Of Water.

13 Jul

Before we get in to this, please note that I am not a registered dietician or medically trained. I am merely sharing my experiences and knowledge of what has worked for me.

Treat it as your job – This one’s simple – treat drinking water as if your livelihood depends on it.

Get a bottle – Daily recommendations state that we should all be guzzling 2litres of the clear stuff a day. Get a 2l bottle and fill it up in the morning then enjoy it at your leisure throughout the day.


Get creative – Remeber that the H2O used in hot drinks counts, as do ice lollies etc – woohoo!

Have an afternoon check – Review how you’re getting on at about 5pm. If you’re nearly finished – that’s great. If you’re not – that’s fine too. Just try and factor it in to the evening.

Oooh and remember, if 2l is substantially more than your current intake – be prepared to spend a lot of time in the bathroom!

Guest Posting.

8 Jul

Hello all you lovely people! 🙂

Just a short post – I am looking for a few people to guest post for me over the next few weeks! If you’re a regular reader you will know that I start my new job in a few weeks (Aaaaahhh!) and know that it is going to be very full on, tiring and time consuming.

I think guest posting is a great way to increase traffic on blogs and spread the love, plus it would take some of the pressure off my blogging schedule (I don’t want to leave you all hanging…!)

Possible topics include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercise
  • Recipes
  • Everyday Life
  • A How-to post (about anything!)
  • Motivation

I am also very open to suggestions if there is something else you would like to write about – this is a great oppurtunity for us both!

If you are interested, Please leave a comment and I will be in touch 😀

Big Blog Love ❤

How To Get Up & Run Before Work!

4 Jul

Exercising in the morning is one of life’s biggest struggles for me – but here are my tips. I seem to finally have it down, and have stopped smacking the snooze button in the mornings however inviting it may seem!

Remember that I am not a medical specialist, or indeed an accomplished runner – this is just what works for me 🙂

Have a plan – It’s important to know how far you are going to run, how long it is going to take you and which route you are going to take.

Eat a fuelling dinner – The preparation starts the night before. Be sure to eat something that is going to fill you with energy for 12+ hours – stock up on those carbs!

Be prepared – I always lay my kit out so that absolutely everything is ready – including my ipod and sunglasses. I also try to prepare a mini-snack or have a cereal bar to hand.

Set the alarm – It sounds obvious, but don’t forget to change your normal alarm time!

Get an early night – Time to get your beauty sleep. I normally aim to be in bed by 10.30pm to get up and run at 6.30am, but everyone’s routine is different. It also helps to have a quiet pep talk with yourself the night before (and possibly warn the other half of your plans!)

Get up and do it – You have a plan, so now stick to it! It is so satisfying to get a moring workout in and get your day off to a good start.

Good Luck! 😀