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A Relaxing Weekend.

30 Jan

How was your weekend?

It’s been a pretty relaxing one for me. 4 films (Coach Carter, Due Date, Johnny English and Cool Runnings), one very exciting FA Cup fixture (Wooooo Liverpool!), a 4 hour nap yesterday!

No exercise….oops. I sort of got caught up in the school bubble, but I needed to catch up with my life – send emails, call my Mum, get some sleep.

Ready and raring to go with the new week now. Only 2 weeks until half term – bring it on!



Talent Show.

27 Jan

Tonight saw the much anticipated arrival of our school’s ‘talent show’….’Variety show’ would be more appropriate, but the title isn’t really important!

I had the pleasure of hosting the show, with one of my favourite students. There were 9 acts – a variety of real talent (musical and magic!) and some designed purely to make the audience laugh! The winning performance was a group of boys pretending to be synchrinised swimmers – absolutely hilarious!

After a tough week, it was nice to have my faith restored that the students are lovely and such good fun, and they are what makes me enjoy my job so much.

How was your day loverrrrs?



26 Jan

I haven’t really talked much about my life on TTF lately, so here’s a little peak at what is getting me through the days at the moment…

Reading: One Day, by David Nicholas.

Listening to: Well, right this minute I’m listening to Greg James on the radio (LOVE him) but most of the time I am listening to Rebecca Ferguson’s (yes, her off the x factor) album. She has such an amazing voice!

Watching: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Stella.

Wanting: An iPad!

Loving: The kids at school. I didn’t sleep very well lasy night and as a result was in a foul mood this morning, but my hockey lesson cheered me right up. They’re so lovely, and such good fun 🙂 🙂

Avoiding: Sorting some practical stuff out. Banks and money are boring subjects!

How about you?


Ten For Tuesday.

24 Jan

1. I haven’t eaten a wispa gold in 4 days now. That is quite the achievement as of late.

2. I don’t realy write about lessons on the blog very much, but I love my girls’ tag rugby class on Mondays. So much fun.

3. I miss Maisie. It’s only been 2 days but I miss waking up to her cute face!

4. I REALLY need to get to the gym tomorrow. Seriously, I’m feeling fat! Been slacking too much this week.

5. I played ‘skittles’ in the pub last night – that is a terribly underrated game!

6. Today is a looooooong day for me. I work in the marketing office all afternoon, then take a basketball session, then dinner and prep duty (bore!), then look after the darling students over night. They better be quiet tonight – I am tired!

7. I’m so over it being winter. Seriously, there is nothing worse than waking up and going to breakfast in the dark, and having to cut sports lessons short before 5pm because it’s dark again. Roll on the summer!

8. I’ve been trying to get out and walk more. Sounds simple – I’ve found a 20ish minute route close to school, and am trying to walk it 4-5 times a week…and I am feeling SO much better for it!

9. I am trying to organise a trip to go and see my support group in Cardiff one night next week – exciting!

10. I am totally pumped for thr 6 nations to start next weekend. Time to go and put a cheeky bet on I think…

How’s your Tuesday going?

Have a great day lovelies!


21 Jan

Hi lovelies 🙂

How’s your weekend going? It’s my weekend off so I’m back chilling at The Villa with Mum & Maisie. I spent yesterday afternoon chilling out and trying to avoid my work, listening to some classic 80’s tunes on youtube! Hello Friday afternoon procrastination!

Finally made it home – I hate travelling late on Friday’s – the traffic is horrendous!

I’ve been out for lunch and a chat with my friend Erica today – nom nom brie and bacon baguette 🙂

The rest of the weeked is set aside for myself – reading, catching up on my backed up sky+ programmes, letter writing, some more sleep….

What are you up to?


19 Jan

I just ran a 37minute 5k.

Yeah boi.

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self.

18 Jan

Dear 16 year old Sophie,

Things are a little tough at the moment, huh? Let’s talk it through, one step at a time.

It’s so good to see that you are enjoying school – I know the day-to-day business gets a little mundane, but you are so lucky not to loathe it. Work hard, be kind, and think seriously about some of the choices you are making before next year. They’re important – talk to people, do some research and listen to the advice everyone is so willing to give.

But remember, school is important but it is not the end of the world. Don’t stress yourself out too much (because we both know you do – it would help if you learnt to manage your stress a little earlier on!)

How’s that crush on D going anyway? He is a lovely boy, but don’t push your worries about his age to one side. I wish I could tell you how it was all going to work out, but where’s the fun in that?! Don’t be scared to talk to him as much as you like, and ignore all the teasing at work – everyone is just jealous that you two are so close! He is beautiful, after all!

It was so unfair that your Dad was taken away so soon. Life is cruel sometimes, but you will get through this. You’re lucky to have such a supportive group of friends around you who really would do anything to see you smile at the moment. It’s important that you know that everyone’s grieving process is different, and that a) it’s okay not to be okay, and b) it’s never too late to ask for help. Take a deep breath, smile, and go out there and make him proud.

You make friends every where you go – remember that and see it as a reason never to be anything other than yourself. Speak up, be strong and enjoy yourself – that’s what teenage years are for!

With love and promises that everything will be okay in the end,

22 year old Sophie.