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Memorial Hockey.

28 Apr

A few months ago, one of my friends was tragically knocked over by a taxi on a night out and killed.

He was a keen hockey player, and last weekenend, my local sports centre opened a new pitch in his memory and we had a big tournament ioncluding teams from his primary school, secondary school, university, workplace and hockey club.

It was a lovely way to remember him, and I was honoured to don the green and gold of my primary school again!

I hope you enjoyed it Rob xxx

Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

27 Apr

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a whole year today! I never thought it would last this long – I’ve tried blogging and journalling a number of times before but never been able to stick to it for longer than a few months. I guess I just needed a story to tell.

So thank you for reading my story! Thank you for your supportive comments. Thanks for making me smile. Thanks for inspiring me with your own blog posts. Thanks for a wonderful year – here’s to another!

Dear One Tree Hill!

16 Apr

I love you. All 9 series’ of you.

Thanks for always being there for me whatever my mood! I watch you when I’m tired. I watch you when I’m feeling sorry for myself. I watch 10 episodes of you on those days that I have a hangover so bad I never want to drink again.

One request though, please bring Lucas back! The world is a much better place when my Monday night includes Chad Michael Murray!

How about you? What’s your go-to, chill out programme?

101 in 1,001.

14 Apr

I’ve decided to take up the ‘101 in 1,001’ challenge. Check out my list here.

Have you ever completed this challenge? Are you doing it now? What goals would you set yourself?


Postsecret <3

13 Apr

I thought everyone in the world knew what postsecret was…until last night. I was having problems buffering this Postsecret TED talk…

And it all came out that my mum, and brother and his girlfriend had never heard of this phenomenon!

For those of you that already love Postsecret, check out Frank’s latest video for more amazingness. For those of you that don’t, check out Frank’s video to fall in love with this project.


Weekend Photo Dump

11 Apr

I can’t believe how fast this week is flying by – I guess that’s what happens in the holidays 😦 needless to say, I’ve been having too much fun to catch up from the weekend, but here you go…..

Have a good week, friends!

Back On It!

9 Apr

As I said over the weekend, I’ve gained a few lbs recently, and my routine needs a bit of a shake up. I am starting to feel podgy again and I don’t like it.

So I need a plan!

3 basic goals this week –

– Drink a lot more water

– Get some exercise in everyday, even if it’s just 30minutes walk with Maisie

– Start looking at my diet again. I know that Slimming World works for me, and althought I’m not going to follow the plan to the T again, I am going to focus on eating a lot more ‘free food’ this week.

I am going to make a ‘pledge’ now to lose 7lbs. I would like to comfortably get back to the lower end of my target weight range, and feel better about myself for the summer 🙂

So, let’s do this!

Happy Easter!

8 Apr

I can’t believe I’ve gone a whole 6 weeks without drinking diet coke! I hope I have kicked the habit, but it has had a few negative effects.

Before Lent, whenever I wanted a sweet treat, a can of coke was the first thing I went for. Since giving it up though, I have headed more towards to chocolate, and have gained a few pounds!

Nothing a few trips to the gym next week won’t sort out though!

But for now….


Happy Easter Everyone!

The 100 Workout Review!

5 Apr

Yesterday I took on ‘The 100 Workout’! And although my muscles felt like they were dying at the time, I quite enjoyed it.

I did sweat, but not so much that I immediately needed to shower (disgusting fact I know, but sometimes I don’t have time to workout and shower!!). It was tough on my muscles, but not so much that I was aching all day.

And to top it all off, it only took 20 minutes! Smiles all round if you ask me 🙂

In other news, I’m still making the most of the holidays by getting all the sleep, rest and relaxation that I can!  Tinsight I am going to watch a few more episodes of ‘The Biggest Loser’  (oh hello Bob!) before my weekend of fun starts early tomorrow.

How’s your week going?

❤ Sophie

(written yesterday but posted this morning- oops!)

Brunch & Bootcamp.

3 Apr

I went for brunch with Mum yesterday morning which was lovely. We took Maisie & Merlin (Maisie’s ‘boyfriend’ from across the road) for a walk up around Mount Wise and down to Jolly Jacks, where we read the papers, drank coffee and hot chocolate, and I demolished an egg and sausage sarnie! Nom!

That is one of my favourite ways to spend a holiday morning 🙂

This morning I’m going to take this badboy on….

Wish me luck…I’ll report back!

How was your weekend?