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Tried Sushi For The First Time This Evening…

20 Oct

and it was AMAZING!

(So good that I forgot to snap a picture – insert imagined image here!)

Any Tips?

13 May


Anybody got any tips for achieving this?!!

Psm- I’ve had an awesome day today – more coming on that soon 🙂

❤ Sophie

Pinch, Punch, It’s The First of The Month!

1 May

Happy May everyone! Seriously, where did the last 4 months go?! I hope the weather will clear up soon (You shouldn’t get April showers in May, right?!) and we will get that real Summer feeling 🙂

(Source) I know the summer isn’t like this in the UK, but I can dream….!

I’ve got some new goals this month…

* To post on the blog every day – I need to get back in to the swing of regular posting when I’m at school, and am hoping that this will help!

* To eat 5x fruit and vegetables every day – I eat enough food, so need to make sure I’m eating the right things!

* To read 4 books – Need to get working on my 101 in 1,001 challenges!

* To workout 18 times – I ams eriously struggling to get abck in the the routine of going to the gym or going for a run or whatever really. Starting tofeel fat and need to do something about it!

Do you have any goals for May?


Back On It!

9 Apr

As I said over the weekend, I’ve gained a few lbs recently, and my routine needs a bit of a shake up. I am starting to feel podgy again and I don’t like it.

So I need a plan!

3 basic goals this week –

– Drink a lot more water

– Get some exercise in everyday, even if it’s just 30minutes walk with Maisie

– Start looking at my diet again. I know that Slimming World works for me, and althought I’m not going to follow the plan to the T again, I am going to focus on eating a lot more ‘free food’ this week.

I am going to make a ‘pledge’ now to lose 7lbs. I would like to comfortably get back to the lower end of my target weight range, and feel better about myself for the summer 🙂

So, let’s do this!

Food & Fitness…That Is What The Blog’s Called After All!

27 Sep

Hey, check me out posting 2 days in a row?! Haven’t felt this in a while – maybe I’m starting to settle in to a routine?!

You may or may not have noticed (I was a little embarassed and hence didn’t draw attention to it on the blog..)  that once I started this new job I stopped posting about food and exercise (read: I was eating badly and sitting on my bum a lot of the time).

Well, I have been making a real effort to sort that out as of late.

Lots of salad and healthier (as healthy as they can be when you’re eating school dinners 24/7) choices appearing on my plate, and I have been making a real effort to get some regular workouts in.

Yesterday I played badminton and taught a Tag Rugby session (love that game!). Today I have been to the gym. Tomorrow I have a gym date. Things are finally starting to fall in to place and I am glad. Although I weighed myself at the weekend and I haven’t gained (or lost) and weight, I was starting to feel a little lethargic and tired.

Once the food and exercise is back on track, the next challenge would be to get a little more sleep!

How do you manage to fit your workouts in to a hectic schedule?


Day 3 And Still Going Strong!

7 Sep

Well, school is well and truly underway. Skirts have been illegally shortened, snacks have been hidden in bedrooms and the first student has been suspended for smoking.

I must admit, despite having been here over the Summer, there is a lot to get used to and a lot of information to take in. I dodged a massive bullet in the staff meeting this afternoon when I was nearly put in charge of explaining the new printer to everyone! So I am feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment!

It is my night off today (finally!) so I am going out with (one of my very few!) friends here in Taunton. We are heading to Pizza Express and although I know I am supposed to be eating healthily again, I can feel stomach-soul being pulled towards the Pollo Ad Astra! Mmmmmm Yummy yummy in my tummy!


Definitely Not Lost For Words.

6 Sep

I’m struggling a little lately to come up with blogposts that I think are actually worth posting – I think it’s because of the lack of photos I have been taking lately! Call me crazy, but I just don’t think that photos of wet, rainy days are as pretty as sunsets!

So today I thought I’d just ramble on for a while with a little life update….

* School has started. The students have arrived and I am now in charge of 28 foreign girls! It is always difficult at the beginning because I am struggling to guage their level of English, and for many of them it is their first time away from home. But I survived the first night, and we shall get there!

* I’m going to be completely honest with you all – My eating plan has gone completely down the pan lately. I have been stuffing my face with chocolate and biscuits (and wine!) because I was under the impression that as I was on my feet all the time I would burn all these calories. However, this is not working out! (I don’t mean to sound so surprised?!) so as of today I am going to make sensible choices at school dinner times, and limit the amount of tea and biscuits I scoff in the evenings! (Next week – aim to get exercise back on track!)

* Mother is officially moving house on Friday. Eeeeeeekk! In a few weeks she will take my brother back to university, and that weekend just happens to coincide with my weekend off, so she asked me to go home and look after Maisie. I have to go home and spend my first weekend in this new, big, scary house on my own….fair?! No, I don’t think so either!

But yay for Sophie-Maisie time!!

* Finally, I have to work for 3 weeks now without a break. Day 2 of 21. Let’s do this thing!

What has been going on with you lately?


BlogLovin’, Prezzos & Pre-Term Nerves.

4 Sep

Ladies and Gentlemen – we have a breakthrough! I have finally worked my way through the 56blog entries saved up on my bloglovin’ account! Craziness, but lovely that I feel up-to-date with your lives again!

Before I returned to Taunton last week I went out for a meal with Mother and Brother, and forgot to share the photoes with you. We went to Prezzos – the food was average and service was actually pretty poor, but thankfully there were some good views and great company. I won’t be going back for a while though…

Me and the little bro 🙂

And Mother!

Unfortunately I had to snap this through the window before the sun disappeared, but sunset was pretty spectacular…

…as was the sky afterwards…

The students arrive tomorrow, and although I sort of know what to expect, i must admit I am feeling rather nervous. I have just been organising my new diary, and the schedule is jampacked! Aaaaahhh!

The big house move is also planned to happen this Friday, so that is constantly buzzing around the back of my mind!


Aaaaaaahh, I’ve just realised that I totally forgot about Thought For Friday this week! Maybe we’ll have Thought For Monday instead…. :/ oops!

Checking In!

3 Sep


Happy weekend my lovelies! How has your week been?

As you’ll know if you’re a regular here, or from the lack of posting this week, term has started again and we are back to school!

This week has been pretty calm (read: still mental) – just lots of preparation in the boarding house and organising. Students arrive on Monday, so I am going to spend the weekend lounging around and enjoying the calm before the storm!

The week has been jam packed with meetings, meetings and more meetings, so I decided to go out for a few drinks (read: I got home at 3.30am and can barely remember anything) with the rest of the pastoral staff.

It was a great night (at least my vague memories and the photos suggest that..)

But the hangover did not help my healthy eating!

I have also been eating a lot and struggling to get any workouts in…so I have signed up for Zumba on Monday and really need to hit the gym – I can feel the pounds creeping back on!

How do you fit work0uts in when you are super busy?

Have a great weekend 🙂


Back To School!

30 Aug

So incase you haven’t guessed, this whole schedule posting thing has sort of gone out the window while I’ve been on holiday?! Well, I hope to keep up the regular posting, but am going to aim for 4-5 times a week at the moment. I am sure we will find a routine eventually!

I am up early today to head back to Taunton. School starts next week and we have a week of induction starting this afternoon. I only started my new job a few weeks ago, and feel like the summer school was a bit of a dream. It all gets serious as of today!

I’m pretty excited, so in keeping with the theme I thought I’d share with you some stuff that I am loving at the moment.

* I have discovered some pretty cool new blogs to read lately. As you know, my favourites are listed on my Blogroll page, and I have also just started using Bloglovin’! It’s a really easy way to keep track of what you have read in one place. Click on the button to the right to follow threetimesf and get started!

* Yes, packing and moving is a nightmare. I’ve been telling you every day (sorry about that) but finding old photos and letters and diaries is kinda cool. Check these bad boys out…

(Yes, I know, I was a seriously cute kid!)

And I have some old school diary inspired posts coming soon!

* I may have mentioned before that I love the tv show The Biggest Loser. Since being on holiday and suffering the rubbish weather (seriously, UK ‘Summers’ suck!) I have been watching some old re-runs, and Bob Harper is HOT!!!

Look at the body! I know, pretty face too, but seriously – those abs?!?!

* I recently updated my Blackberry to have all the BB services – I am pretty addicted to BBM-ing my BFF already, but more importantly I can tweet when out and about now! I can’t believe it took me this long to get on board – I have not been taking full advantage of the crackberry!

* Ooooh, and as a final shout out to you guys, I have noticed a vast increase in followers and comments appearing on threetimesf, so THANK YOU so so much. Words can’t express how much I appreciate you guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway – I will have to leave it there (Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!) After breakfast that is…must squeeze in as much fruit (and PB, because frankly, breakfast sucks without it!) as I can before I am forced to live off school dinners again…

What are you loving at the moment?

Have a good day, and remember to be awesome.