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101 in 1,001, One Year In.

14 Apr

A year ago today I spontaneously decided to start a 101 in 1,001 list and was surprised by how easy it was for me to come up with that many goals!

So, how am I getting on 365 days later?

Goals completed: 16

Goals in progress: 17

Goals I’ve half written off already: 2 – I guess my life goals have just changed and there are some thing that just aren’t as important to my anymore.

Goals left: 66 – a lot of which I have plans for in the not so distant future.

Have you ever made a goals list? Did you complete them all?





#84. Bake Cupcakes.

13 Apr


#70. Teach A Class.

16 Feb

Those of you who are regular visitors to TTF will know that I’ve recently started a TEFL course, and last week I taught my first proper class!

I was extremely nervous, but had put in hours of planning and preparation, and I was actually pretty pleased with how it went.

It was only a small class (8 students plus my observing tutor and peers) but still extremely nerve wracking! The feedback from my tutor was good, but still leaves lots of improvement for next time. Bring it on!

Berlin Recap

20 Dec

So I am back at home after a lovely few days in Berlin.

Visiting Germany at Christmas has been a dream of mine ever since I went to Berlin in the summer a few years ago – I don’t know why (at least I didn’t) but I was obsessed with the idea of cute Christmas markets and mulled wine and sausages! Haha, and what a good obsession that turned out to be!

Here are a few pics… (excuse the mobile phone quality!)

German Beer

Sampling some local beer!

Holocaust Memorial

Visiting the Holocaust Memorial


Visiting Gendarmenmarkt.

Xmas market

Mulled wine

I had a wonderful time – it sounds cheesy but it was everything I expected, and more. I think we found the right balance between doing the tourist things (Abi had never visited Berlin before), soaking up the Christmas atmosphere, and just enjoying a relaxing break.

And another item ticked off my 101 in1,001 list!

#95: Go To Church.

12 Nov

Completed on Friday 09/11/12.

A friend of mine at work and I went to the Remembrance service at the school chapel the other day. It was actually quite nice, and I am considering making it a regular thing.

#22. Visit 5 New Cities.

5 Nov

I am slowly but surely ticking items off my 101 in 1,001 list. I don’t think it’s cheating, but I easily visited more then 5 new cities while I was away travelling this summer.






#54. Go To France.

4 Nov

27-31th August 2012 – Completed!

Check out my reviews of Nice & Cannes here 🙂

101 in 1,001 Update.

16 Oct

So I am now 6 months in and thought it was about time I had a look at my 101 in 1,001 list to see how I am getting on.

I have completed 9 of the tasks, and am currently working on a further 12.

So far, I haven’t paid too much of a conscious effort to trying to start new projects, but have possibly tried harder at certain things in order to be able to tick something off.


So next up on the list…

* Make a budget and stick to it for 2 months – If I am going to go ahead with this crazy TEFL & travel plan, I need to start saving some money and this seems like a good place to start!

* Do the 30 items of clothing for 30 days challenge – Or at least start considering which 30 items would be sensible here!

* Read 20 books off the World Book Night’s List – Linked to picking up the pace with reading 100 books, I am going to check out this list and get a book!

* Get 100+ followers on my blog – I’m going to carry on commenting, interacting and reading new and old blogs. On this note, a big hello and shout out to my new followers of the past few weeks!

What are your current goals? Have you ever completed a 101 in 1,001 list – how were you getting on 6 months in?


#60. Visit A Country I Have Never Visited Before!

13 Sep

When I was away travelling Europe this summer, I visited Macedonia for the first time (Check out my review of Skopje here).

There were a lot of statues…..!

This summer has done wonders for my 101 in 1,001 list!

#79. Update iTunes on iPad.

12 Jul

One more item ticked off my 101 in 1,001 list.


Recently added to my iTunes…

* Sean Kingston – Party all night.

* Maroon 5 – Payphone.

* Katy Perry (cover) – Electric feel.

* Keane – Sovereign light café

* Stooshe – Black heart.

* – Hell yeah.

* Biffy Clyro – Bubbles.

* Jason Mraz – I won’t give up.

* Train – Drive by.

* Carly Rae Jepson – Call me maybe (guilty pleasure alert!!)

* Ed Sheeran (cover) – Empire state of mind.

* Maverick Saber – I used to have it all.

* Bruno Mars – Marry you.

* Luke Fenlon – Summer.

* One Big Family – Embrace.

* Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles.

* Foster The People – Don’t stop.

Anything I missed?