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2012: The Not So Awesome.

30 Dec

Yesterday, I talked about the awesome things that had happened to me this year, but I’d be lying if I claimed that it was all plain sailing.

Some things were not so awesome…

Getting abandoned on my own in the middle of Europe.

The Secret Santa Fiasco. For the record, in the end I just went ahead and bought myself a bottle of wine and a super cute luggage tag…!

The last term at school was loooooooong, and full of lots of disagreements and stressful times.

That’s pretty much it. It’s been a pretty awesome year! 🙂

How has 2012 been in your world?

2012: The Awesome.

29 Dec

New Year in Cardiff with some of my best friends.

An amazing birthday present – a painting from a student of mine.

Getting offered the chance to stay on in my current job for another year.

Some students wrote a lovely ‘blurb’ about me for their yearbook.

London 2012.

Eurotrip 2012 – so many things about it.


Half term visiting my brother at uni and his show.

Smashing my interview and getting offered a place on their TEFL course for January 2013.

A fantastic Christmas trip to Berlin.


Survived the end of the world.

What were the high points of your year?

Thought For Friday

28 Dec

sometimes i have to remind myself

Happy Friday!

The Book Chat.

27 Dec

Hey 🙂

It’s been a while since I linked up for The Book Chat, but I can definitely share my Christmas gifts with you 🙂 I love love love being the type of person that people buy books for Christmas!

book chat

Santa was very good to me this year, especially on the reading front.

I recently read both The Fault in Our Stars (see my review here) and Paper Towns by John Green and loved them both, so I asked for more….

looking for alaska


And I got more! Can’t wait to get stuck in to this one 🙂

I also received the new Miranda Hart book, ‘Is it just me?’ in both hardback and audiobook form!

is it just me Miranda Hart


I love Miranda on the tv, so I have high hopes for the book (whichever version!)

Was Santa good to you?

Happy Boxing Day!

26 Dec

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. It’s been great here – lots of food and fabulous presents with my wonderful family.

This evening has been filled Christmas TV – Miranda was hilarious! Talking of which, I received her book and audio book for Christmas! Are people trying to tell me something?!

I have big plans (again) to get the blogging back on track this week – lots of 2012 round-up posts and New Years’ Resolutions to come, but until then, check out this awesome Christmas post!


Christmas Traditions.

25 Dec

I always get a little nostalgic around Christmas – sad that my Dad isn’t around to celebrate with, sad that my Grandparents are no longer with us and sometimes a little sad that we don’t do the big, extended family celebrations in our house.

However, we do have some family traditions that I can’t wait to take on to my own family one day…

Decorating the tree – this used to be something that we did together, but recently it tends to be just me and Mother hen because my brother is always away at uni.

Watching The Holiday – Jude Law and a Christmas theme?! Yes please.

A Christmas day walk – We used to get muddy and jump in puddles on Dartmoor, now we live in the city we head to the beach 🙂

Reading The Night Before Christmas – This has been a Christmas Eve tradition in my house for as long as I can remember. It’s totally normal to read a children’s book now we’re all 20+ right?!


Merry Christmas Everyone.


Our Neighbours Love A Good Christmas Decoration…

22 Dec

blow up snowman

Thought For Friday

21 Dec

dream big


Happy Friday!

Berlin Recap

20 Dec

So I am back at home after a lovely few days in Berlin.

Visiting Germany at Christmas has been a dream of mine ever since I went to Berlin in the summer a few years ago – I don’t know why (at least I didn’t) but I was obsessed with the idea of cute Christmas markets and mulled wine and sausages! Haha, and what a good obsession that turned out to be!

Here are a few pics… (excuse the mobile phone quality!)

German Beer

Sampling some local beer!

Holocaust Memorial

Visiting the Holocaust Memorial


Visiting Gendarmenmarkt.

Xmas market

Mulled wine

I had a wonderful time – it sounds cheesy but it was everything I expected, and more. I think we found the right balance between doing the tourist things (Abi had never visited Berlin before), soaking up the Christmas atmosphere, and just enjoying a relaxing break.

And another item ticked off my 101 in1,001 list!

Berlin, Here I Come!

16 Dec

It has been a dream of mine to visit Berlin and Christmas for a few years now – and today it is finally going to happen!

I am heading off on a mini break with my old flat mate, Abi, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s the perfect way to get in to the Christmas spirit!