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Happy Birthday TTF!

29 Apr

I can’t believe this little blog has been going for 2 whole years now!

It (and I) have changed a lot over this time, but the one constant is that it is a place for me to make friends and share my daily life.

Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to enjoy our journey and here’s to another great year!

The Changing Ages Of Photography.

23 Apr

Now don’t get me wrong, I love love love my digital camera (I’m even thinking about getting something more advanced) but don’t you miss the days of only having a certain amount of photos, not being able to see themfor a few weeks and the anticipation of picking up your latest snaps from the shop?

I remember when I was about 17, I was more than a little obsessed with a guy that I worked with. We spent New Year’s Eve together with a few of my friends and they took a few pictures of us together – only a few mind, those films were expensive! When we returned to school a few days later I was desperate to see those pics – so much so that I even made a friend run in to town over lunchtime and pay the hightest cost to get them developed in just an hour!

I don’t know what made me think of this, just that with the advances in modern technology all of these little pleasures and moments of anticipation are getting replaced by instant gratification in one form or another. Will there be any simple enjoyment left for our children and the next generation? The sort of pleasure you get from a new computer or pair of shoes that you haven’t been saving for for months just doesn’t seem the same….

A Letter To My University Friends.

22 Apr

Hey guys

Something’s been bugging me lately – the fact that lots of big things are happening in all of our lives and that we seem to be losing touch. One of you just had a baby, one of you just hit your first wedding anniversary, one of you is getting married this summer and I found out about it on facebook!!

Remember this night?

uni friends

We thought that we’d be friends for ever, still talking everyday and involved in every little part of each other’s lives.

I miss that. I know everyone is busy (trust me, I am too!) but I still want texts about silly things that have happened and emails with updates on the big details. What happened to us?

Right here, right now, I pledge to change this and get our little family back on track  – join me?

An ever loving and always at the end of the phone,

Sophie x

3 Days In…

21 Apr

…to my new healthy lifestyle (!!) and things are going well. I have been keeping a successful food diary and have just signed up for a July 10k with some friends at work – accountability is key! Time to sort my life out (again!).

Thought For Friday

19 Apr

if it scares you


This couldn’t be more apt to my life right now!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Back To Work I Go….

16 Apr

Well, the holidays are finally over. The early mornings are hard but I can’t say that I’m unhappy to be back – the structure is a welcome addition after the last few weeks!

We had a day of training yesterday but unfortunately I was feeling rather under the weather and ended up spending most of the afternoon in bed. A good night’s sleep seems to have mostly sorted it out though and I’m hoping to be back at 110% soon.

Back to real life and TEFL tomorrow – we have another observed (and marked) teaching practice and this time it is for a whole hour!! I’m a little nervous to say the least…

P.s. – a big thank you for all your lovely thoughtful comments on my Blogging Pressures post the other day – it’s so nice to hear that I’m not alone in feeling this way and means so much to me that you’d miss me if I disappeared!

101 in 1,001, One Year In.

14 Apr

A year ago today I spontaneously decided to start a 101 in 1,001 list and was surprised by how easy it was for me to come up with that many goals!

So, how am I getting on 365 days later?

Goals completed: 16

Goals in progress: 17

Goals I’ve half written off already: 2 – I guess my life goals have just changed and there are some thing that just aren’t as important to my anymore.

Goals left: 66 – a lot of which I have plans for in the not so distant future.

Have you ever made a goals list? Did you complete them all?





#84. Bake Cupcakes.

13 Apr


Thought For Friday

12 Apr

what we all want in life


Happy Friday Everyone!

On Blogging Pressures.

10 Apr

I struggle to know exactly what I want this space of mine to be – 2 years down the line I still don’t seem to have found my writing style or niche.

I go through phases of posting all the time and then posting not so much (as I’m sure you’ve noticed!) and when these not so posting times come then I try to make myself a list of all the posts that I want to write and all these ideas that I have and make myself a little posting schedule. Now this is all very well, and from the outside seems like a great idea but it means that I end up writing things weeks in advance and scheduling them because I know that I am going to be too busy to write and post during the week.

I’m not sure exactly what I wanted this blog to be, but the one thing I am sure of is that when I started out I wanted to keep a record of the hughs and lows of my life and everything in between. The fact that I’ve made some new friends and found some new projects along the way was an added bonus.

I don’t really know what I’m trying to get at here other than saying that I don’t like this pressure that I seem to be putting upon myself to conform to some sort of blogging society. I always wanted this space to be honest, to record what was going on in my life – both the important and slightly more mundane things, how I was feeling and about my dreams for the future.

I know it takes time and hard work and a lot of effort that I sometimes just don’t have, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to keep this little thing going even if nobody is reading.



Why do you blog? Do you ever feel pressured to post?