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It’s A Strange Day.

4 Sep

I’m feeling a little bit strange today. It is time to go back to school, and everything is changing.

Last year when I started this job, I remember being so nervous about moving away from home and meeting all these new people – worried that I wouldn’t make friends or that I wouldn’t quite cut it in the work place.

Of course, this was all ridiculous – I soon fell on my feet and met some of my best friends.

I’m sure it will be the same this year, but all the changes and new people makes me feel uneasy. My 4 best friends at school are either moving on to other things or moving to different parts of the school, and I will ‘gaining’ 3 new male staff members.

It’s going to be different, but I know that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse.

Let’s do this.

Where Has The Year Gone?!

13 Jun

One week from today, it will be our end of year summer ball. I know it sounds so clichéd, but seriously where has this year gone?!

I remember coming to the training day for this new job, and being so nervous about meeting all these new people, and feeling so out of my depth with all the different cultures.

The summer school was tough – I was just learning the ropes in a job that was so different to anything that I had ever done before, but after a few weeks and a brief holiday, I fell on my feet as soon as term started.

The amount that I have learnt is immeasurable (is that even a real word?!!), there are so many fun memories with amazing students that I will never forget, there have also been some times where I have cried and wanted to give up altogether, but in the end, the good experiences far outweigh the bad ones.

So far only a few people have left, and although I hate to say it they haven’t exactly been my favourite students….until yesterday. It was tough, and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse. But for now, we have a fun last week of term coming up. Exam season is coming to an end, and sports day, trips, summer ball and prize giving are upon us – bring it on!

Feeling Out Of The Loop?! Me Too!

8 May

I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but I feel a little out of the loop on my own life?! Time is going to quickly at the moment, and soon it will be the end of another academic year! So, here’s a little update for you all on all things job and future and school related in my life…


Umm where to start?! We are planning the school yearbook at the moment, and I need to ask a student to write my ‘profile’ for me. Seems simple, I know, but I’m worried about a) upsetting people, and b) having a balanced profile – I want it to be funny, for whoever I choose to state a few favourite memories of me, but I don’t want anybody I ask to feel like it’s too much pressure above the exam stress at the moment. Argh, stressful (for me, that is!)

That’s another thing – exams start next week. Seriously, were exams this early when I was at school?! It seems ridiculous! Everyone is starting to get anxious and very short with eachother. I feel arguments waiting to happen…!

Lastly, remember all that freaking out I was doing about what I was going to do with my life, and whether to apply to do a teacher training course or look for more jobs? (If not, catch up here...) Well, I have been offered the opportunity to extend my contract at school for another year…which I have accepted and think is a good idea. Sure, the money isn’t great, and I get reallllllyyyy tired sometimes, but I love the job and it’s good experience plus I have nothing else to do so seems silly to leave.

And breathe…I feel better just having written all that down! Thanks bloggy world!


Ten For Tuesday….On A Wednesday!

28 Mar

1. We played a staff netball match yesterday to raise money for SportRelief. Despite my dislike for the sport, it was good fun. We had some fancy dress, and the students were giggling away on the sideline! And it was all for charity – so making complete fools of ourselves was totally worth it!

2. I am LOVING this weather! I have tan lines…TAN LINES in March! It is so nice just to be able to lounge around in shorts!

3. I haven’t been to the gym or done any real exercise in weeks now, and I am starting to feel fat! This needs to be rectified asap.

4. Today is the last day of the Spring term. It’s been a good, but very tiring, one. I am tres excited for the holidays!

5. I am completely addicted to this Northern Irish show on BBQ called ‘6 Degrees’. It’s about a group of uni students living in halls together and starting their first year. I guess it just reminds me of how much fun it was, and how exciting it was to be meeting all those new people.

6. I started writing 10 points out today as a 10 for Tuesday post, but I was struggling to come up with them all. Then I realised it was Wednesday, so I’m going to stop at 6!!

23 And Counting!

22 Feb

Last Thursday I wrote a little post about how I was going away for a few days, but I’ve just realised that I saved it as a draft and just abandoned my little corner of the blogosphere for a while – sorry about that!

The last few days have been a little blur of Birthday-ness – I will share my holiday break photos and stories with you, but today I wanted to share my favourite memories of the past year a la this post!

1. Moving house, and having our first ‘gathering’ and getting to show my friends around The Villa.

2. Running a 37minute 5k…when I didn’t think I could run that far at all!

3. Being offered, and accepting, a job that I love.

4. Making a whole new friendship group in Taunton.

5. Lois coming to visit 🙂

6. Teaching my first Boys’ Hockey lesson, and loving every minute.

7. Reaching my target weight.

8. A student telling me that I was going to make a good teacher.

9. And another telling me how much I meant to him.

10. Ordering my iPad as a birthday present to myself (happened this morning!)

There are lots more, obviously but it’s been a good year!

What are your hightlights from the last 12 months?



January Weekend Blues.

14 Jan

Well, it’s the start of another long weekend at school and I am already exhausted. How long is it until half term again?!

I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but getting back in to the routine of 7.15am wake-ups, and at least 11pm bedtimes is difficult. I NEED MY SLEEP!! Otherwise friendly Miss L, soon turns in to moody, unhelpful Miss L!

I got up and went for a walk this morning before work started. The frost was still on the ground, but it was a bright, sunny morning, and perfect for clearing my head a little. Obviously listened to a little Susan Boyle to calm myself, cos I’m cool like that. (Seriously though, I bought my Mum her album for Christmas and she’s actually pretty awesome?!)

Weekends at school tend to be pretty easy work (sitting around watching dvds/football/trashy Music videos), yet somehow they always leave me feeling shattered! I guess it’s the constant flow of questions and socialising with students that keeps my brain busy!

On the bright side, I have the day off for a trip to Ikea with my Mum tomorrow. Does anybody else love that place or is it just me?! We’re looking for some storage furniture for the new house (I call it new, we’ve been there nearly 6 months now but still..) but I will be making a real day trip out of it!

How are you spending your weekend?


Half Term!

21 Oct

Hey guys 🙂

I just want to say that I’m so sorry that threetimesf has been looking so sad lately! You have no idea how glad I am that it is half term and I have 10 glorious days of holiday to catch up with my life!

It’s difficult to believe that 6 whole weeks have passed since term started. I am starting to settle down in to a routine, students are working hard and learning that life in a British boarding school is all about, and new friends are being made by everyone.

I’ve learnt a lot too…

When you’re working in a boarding house, and are expected to act like the student’s friend/big sister, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to keep things professional.

I am capable of working much longer hours than I ever thought possible.

It’s much better to be open in communication and ask for help, than struggle on on your own.

Teenagers haven’t changed. The girls regularly tell me about how their hearts skip a few beats when that boy walks in to the room. On the one hand, I get so excited for them, but I am also so so glad to be past that stage!

I definitely want to work with young people, and I am 99% sure that I want to start off by teaching psychology.

Ooooh, and I now know how to introduce myself and call someone ginger in Hebrew!

All in all, I’d say it was a successful few weeks!

It helps that my colleagues are freakin’ awesome! And also that the door to our flat looks great!! 🙂


Consequences & Apologies.

14 Oct

It’s the Taunton Carnival tomorrow and we are running a school trip. There is a student here, let’s call him J, who really likes a girl, F, and I told him that the carnival would be the perfect time to make his move. (Chats with Miss Leach = Grade A teenage relationship advice!)

This evening J asked whether he could sign out to town, and I told him that he needed to wait 15minutes until he was allowed, but he could go to the garage to get some food if he wanted to. He agreed, and left.

Two of the other staff later found him smoking in town – not having signed out, and obviously having disobeyed my instructions and abusing my trust. As a result, he was banned from visiting the carnival tomorrow evening.

This evening he came to apologise:

J: Miss Leach, I’m sorry.

Me: I know J, thank you for your apology.

J: No really, I’m sorry. If it was another teacher I don’t care, but you’re a member of staff I like and I want you to trust me.

I know his behaviour was wrong, but sometimes it’s just nice to know that I’m getting on okay at school, and am appreciated by some of the kids!


To Do It Or Not To Do It?!

8 Oct

Hello lovelies 🙂

How is your weekend going?

Today’s post is really more of a ‘clear my head‘ entry. You may remember a few weeks back I posted about how I was unsure about whether to apple for a teacher training course. Well, I am still totally unsure, but I think I have decided that I am going to apply.

So here’s the deal…

I have always wanted to teach primary school (specifically, 8-10year olds) until I started my new job at an international secondary school. I love interacting with the students and us bouncing off eachother. I love working in a school and being around the kids in a pastoral capacity on a day-to-day basis. I am really enjoying the lesson observations and getting back in to my psychology. It sounds horribly cheesy but I really feel like I am making a difference to these students, and I want to pass my passion for the subject on to the next generation.

They’re my feelings, but here are the facts.

Places on PGCE courses are limited, so applications need to be completed early. Applications only cost £17, and my job is only secure until next September.

In light of all this information, I think it would be stupid not to apply. I just know that I will be kicking myself this time next year if I am unemployed and I wanted to do the course and I hadn’t even tried.

If I don’t get a place, I don’t get a place. If I get a place and decide I don’t want to go then, or at all, it can always be turned down or deferred.

It all comes down to this. This year I have a whole team of academic staff to write me references, help me compose my personal statement and am able to get in all the lesson obervations I want. I feel like I would be stupid to waste that help and leave my application until a later date.

So yeah, I’ve decided to go for it! AAAHHHHHHH!!!


5 Oct

I hit the gym again today with intentions of running the same rolling intervals as yesterday, but for one reason or another I really wasn’t feeling it. I ran for about 20minutes, then just stretched out a little because my legs were really tight after ysterday for some reason.

A bit of a fail on the workout front but I’m not too worried.

I’m feeling pretty content this week. Life at school is really starting to fall in to place I think. To be honest, I was struggling a little bit due to our odd working hours, and the fact that I don’t really know anyone in Taunton – it’s been really difficult to have a life outside of the ‘school bubble’. All I’ve been doing in my spare time is going to the gym, blogging and wasting far too much time online.

This week has been much better though – the past 2 nights have been spent with a few of the other staff 🙂 We’ve just been hanging out – takeaway, apple crumble, staffroom volleyball and a few beers, but it’s so nice just to relax together and chat. I’m pretty sure this year is going to fly by (it already is) so I need to make the most of the amazing people that I work with.

Do you find it difficult to fit a social life in around work?