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A Letter To My CV

4 May

Dear CV

Could you please just re-write yourself and email yourself and apply for lots of fun jobs that you think I might enjoy yourself please? I’m bored of all this grown up malarky.

Cool, thanks.



A Letter To My University Friends.

22 Apr

Hey guys

Something’s been bugging me lately – the fact that lots of big things are happening in all of our lives and that we seem to be losing touch. One of you just had a baby, one of you just hit your first wedding anniversary, one of you is getting married this summer and I found out about it on facebook!!

Remember this night?

uni friends

We thought that we’d be friends for ever, still talking everyday and involved in every little part of each other’s lives.

I miss that. I know everyone is busy (trust me, I am too!) but I still want texts about silly things that have happened and emails with updates on the big details. What happened to us?

Right here, right now, I pledge to change this and get our little family back on track  – join me?

An ever loving and always at the end of the phone,

Sophie x

Dear Self,

13 Dec

Next year, remember to start (and finish) your Christmas shopping in October – The December rush is a nightmare!

Kind regards,

Stressed and Broke Sophie.

Wednesday Letters

26 Sep

Dear September, You’re going far too quickly! Seriously, please slow down – I have a lot of important decisions to make!

Dear New Students, Please start talking more! It is really difficult for us to bond and for me to help you feel at home when you look me like a mad woman when I ask you how your day was!

Dear Downton Abbey, Despite the fact that I find it really difficult to keep up with the story, I am so glad that you are back on our tv screens again!

Dear Blog Friends, I am so sorry that I haven’t finished catching up with all your blog posts from when I was away in Europe. Life has been busy, but I am slowly getting there!

Dear Anybody in the Staffroom, Please please please somebody make me a cup of tea!

A Letter To Myself On My Wedding Day.

27 Aug

Dear Sophie,

You look beautiful. I hope that despite not being one of those people that always knew how they wanted their wedding to be since they were a little girl, you still managed to pull it together somehow and it is as magical as it can be.

I hope that you managed to talk Will in to giving you away. I always thought that it was the sort of task that he would be embarassed by, but if your Dad couldn’t be there, then he was surely the next best thing.

Enjoy your day. You are surrounded by your best friends and closest family and about to send your life with somebody very special – what could be better? Try not to dwell on who isn’t there and focus on this wonderful new start.Lastly,

don’t cry – now is not time time to start being all emotional, and today is almost certainly the most expensive make-up job you have ever had!

Be happy,

A much younger and very single Sophie!

Tuesday Letters

10 Jul

Dear TOMS shoes,

Thanks for being literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! I’m not sure 2 pairs is enough anymore…!

Dear weekend off,

You can’t come soon enough! I can’t wait to catch up with my best friends from uni, and drink cocktails and dance the night away.

Dear 50 Shades of Grey,

I am glad that I put off reading you for so long, just so that I now have you to absorb all my free time during the summer school!

Dear term time students,

I miss you. Email me and come back and visit please!

Dear New Girl,

I am very very excited for you to return to my TV screen tonight!!


Dear Dad

17 Jun

Dear Dad,

I miss you. I don’t like to admit it because somehow it makes me feel inadequate, and as if I can’t take care of my grief alone, but I do.

I feel guilty for taking you for granted so much when you were around and for being so rubbish at keeping in touch.

Words can’t explain how much I missed you at my university graduation, or when I wanted to call you to tell you about my first real job, or how I’m a little scared of weddings because I know you won’t be there to walk me down the aisle when the time comes.

I love you – I’m really making an effort to get back in touch with your family – I hope you know how difficult it is for me, but I really need that link to you.

I miss you everyday – and am waiting to be reunited with you one day – I know you’ll be waiting for me. Happy Daddy’s Day.

All my love,

Your Baby Girl xxx