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Pre Weigh In Nerves & End Of Month Round Up.

30 Jun

How is it Thursday again already?! (I know, I know, I’m saying that about a load of days lately, but seriously, time is just flying by!)

Thursday = weigh in day. I can’t remember if I posted last week but my weight stayed the same. I was really determined to lose at least 1lb this week, but the weekend sort of ruined that plan a little – I definitely overindulged!

Have been back on track since then – lots of veggies and working out and doing life, but I am still nervous. I would literally be over the moon if I could maintain again today! 🙂

It is also June 30th today (again, when the hell did that happen?!) Half way through the year already – madness!

Now, if you remember, at the beginning of the month I set myself a little challenge. I don’t feel like I’m trying to make excuses, but I do feel like I was putting a little too much pressure on myself – to work out everyday?! seems like a crazy idea to me! I have at least taken Maisie for a walk everyday, but sometimes not much more than that…

As for the steps idea – I pledged to walk 300,000 steps before the ened of the month. The idea was that it would be 10,000 steps per day (I heard somewhere 8-12k is average). However, I didn’t start wearing my pedometer until June 4th, so I feel okay about cutting myself a little slack and cutting the total to 260,000. As of right now I am rocking 244,799. I’m going to try really hard to kill it this afternoon/evening and reach 260,000.

I’ve quite enjoyed the step aspect of this challenge, and will be starting all over again tomorrow with the goal of 310,000 (July = 31days.) Join me?

Did you set yourself any workout (or other) goals this month? How did you get on? What are your aims for July?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to weigh in, and then for a picnic at the top of a mountain.


Post Workout Fuel.

30 Jun

It’s no big secret that we should stretch and re-fuel after a workout.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I am no good at this – all I normally want to do is collapse in a heap on the floor!

Water…lucozade…chocolate milkshakes…smoothies…what would you choose?

New study to show that chocolate milkshakes are the way forward!


Sign me up!

What is your post workout routine?

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 15!

30 Jun

A picture of something you want to do before you die.


This one was easy. Get Married. Preferably somewhere hot and sunny with all my family and friends around me 🙂

What’s on your bucket list?

Maisie Mumbles *2

29 Jun

I need to learn to read hash markings – I run ahead and then I don’t know which way to go.


Blogroll & Contacts!

29 Jun

It’s a good job that presentation doesn’t mean everything because I just made a right mess of cutting up my Mango! :/

Oooh and I just added a Blogroll page, and am currently composing a Contact Me page….check them out, follow me, whatever!

Dragon Fruit!

29 Jun

I had my first Dragon Fruit experience last night.

Saw it in the supermarket, had never seen or tasted it before so thought I’d give it a go!

I’d never have guessed that anything this bright and colourful on the outside would be so…plain underneath the skin!

It tasted like Kiwi – same texture and similar flavour, although not as strong.

One massive pro was that the skin peeled away from the flesh much easier than a lot of other fruits.

Verdict: It was nice…alright…but nothing special.

Have a good day! ❤

Something Seriously Cool Just Happenned!

28 Jun

Someone just told me they were really inspired, and felt really guilty that it wasn’t them, when they saw me out running.

Someone has noticed me running. And they’re IMPRESSED!

Coolest moment ever.

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 14.

28 Jun

A photo of someone that you could never imagine your life without.

This is one of my best friends, come housemate, Ben. I seriously have all the time in the world for him.

We like the same tv programmes, He also eats his bacon sandwiches the right way (toasted, with bbq sauce and cheese if you’re offering!), We take our tea the same, We enjoy the same things, He always takes good care of me, He always says the right things, and He’s one of the best friends I have 😀 Love you buddy!

This is a normal breakfast, right?!

28 Jun

I hate breakfasting stereotypes. Seriously, why can’t I just eat what I want to eat when I want to?!

Post run brekkie. Massive win.

Doing Life Again.

27 Jun

I know you probably think I’m a little bit obsessed with Ben’s blog at the mo, but he speaks real sense – Life is rubbish when you’re not ‘doing it’!

I haven’t worked out for about 8 days now, and have been eating a load of rubbish over the weekend. I was feeling like total poo.

It was an effort to drag myself to Jazzercise tonight, but I’m so glad that I went.

Post workout…

Time to re-fuel…

Steamed Salmon with some Rice (I know it blends in to the plate, but promise it is there!) with Brocolli & Asparagus. Can you tell I like Pepper?!

With some great entertainment…

4th Set…totally even…come on Nadal!