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Bon Voyage Me!

7 Oct

Hello lovelies 🙂

I hope you’re all (those of you that stuck around with me this long!) very very well. I may not have been writing, but rest assured I have still been reading up on your lives! Anyway, my big Indonesian adventure starts this week, and I would be honoured if you hopped over to my new blog and kept up to date with adventures.

Sophie Speaking

Have a great Monday – don’t forget to awesome 🙂



Game Changer.

5 Sep

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I was here! I’ve missed my little corner of the blogosphere, but the last few months have literally flown by in a big rush of courses and lesson planning and job leaving festivities!

Now for the big one…I’m moving to Indonesia! I have a job teaching English in Jakarta and will be leaving at the end of the month. I’ve had a few problems processing my visa (stupid immigration) but it seems it has been granted today so I am thrilled to share the news with you all! 🙂 I’m feeling very apprehensive about being away from home for such a long time, but I have been really miserable for the past week when I wasn’t sure if my visa would be granted and whether I’d be able to go at all, so deep down I’m taking that as a sign that it is meant to be, and the excitement is starting to set in! Have any of you ever visited Java (or nearby)? Any advice greatly appreciated, I am going in a little blind here!

I hope I’ll be able to write a little more now, seeing as I am temporarily unemployed and have A LOT of free time on my hands, but I am also trying to come up with a name (to either change this, or start a new blog) when I start travelling, so please put your minds to work on that one too!

Anyway, I have still been reading blogs recently, but still, it’s been a while so what have I missed?!



Busy Bee

19 May

Hi guys,

Wow, I’m still so busy! Half term next week really cannot come soon enough – I have a few days scheduled in with my bff and a trip to see a psychic!

Until then it’s work work work, and run run run, then finally sleep sleep sleep!

I have enjoyed a few days away this weekend to see my little brother in his final ever Drama School performance! I know I sound old and like your great aunt, but seriously, where has the time gone? My ‘little’ brother is now 21 and about to make his own way in the world, and whatever happens I couldn’t be more proud of him 🙂 Photos to follow later this week.

One more week, let’s do this.

How have you all been?

7 May

An ex-student told me today that he preferred Hakuna Matata to YOLO and that was the attitude that he was taking towards life.

Love my job.

5 May

10K, consider yourself well and truly signed up for.

10 weeks to get fit.

Let’s do this.

Happy Birthday TTF!

29 Apr

I can’t believe this little blog has been going for 2 whole years now!

It (and I) have changed a lot over this time, but the one constant is that it is a place for me to make friends and share my daily life.

Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to enjoy our journey and here’s to another great year!

3 Days In…

21 Apr

…to my new healthy lifestyle (!!) and things are going well. I have been keeping a successful food diary and have just signed up for a July 10k with some friends at work – accountability is key! Time to sort my life out (again!).

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Back To Work I Go….

16 Apr

Well, the holidays are finally over. The early mornings are hard but I can’t say that I’m unhappy to be back – the structure is a welcome addition after the last few weeks!

We had a day of training yesterday but unfortunately I was feeling rather under the weather and ended up spending most of the afternoon in bed. A good night’s sleep seems to have mostly sorted it out though and I’m hoping to be back at 110% soon.

Back to real life and TEFL tomorrow – we have another observed (and marked) teaching practice and this time it is for a whole hour!! I’m a little nervous to say the least…

P.s. – a big thank you for all your lovely thoughtful comments on my Blogging Pressures post the other day – it’s so nice to hear that I’m not alone in feeling this way and means so much to me that you’d miss me if I disappeared!

Plymouth’s Big Wheel

4 Apr

Plymouth Big Wheel 002

Plymouth Big Wheel 018 Plymouth Big Wheel 005 Plymouth Big Wheel 006 Plymouth Big Wheel 009 Plymouth Big Wheel 017

French Fun

26 Mar

Last week I went on a school trip (hence the lack of blogging..again) to France – Normandy and Paris to be exact.

We left late on Wednesday and hopped on the ferry to Caen where we visited the D-Day landing sites, Omaha beach and the American Cemetry. Unfortunately it was a wet and windy day, but still very moving.

That evening, we headed south to Paris. I was happy happy happy to be back in this city – I haven’t visited for a few years but it is one of my favourites.

It was a busy few days packed full of touristy activities – In the UK it’s unusual to meet someone who hasn’t been to France (and Paris) but for lots of our international students, England is the only European country they have visited.

Paris - eiffel

We visited Eurodisney which was very exciting for me as I’ve never been before. When I told my Mum that I was going she explained how proud she was when my little brother had reached his 18th birthday that she’d survived both of our childhoods without having to visit a disney themed theme park!

Paris - disney castle

Paris - carousel

We spent the next day trekking up the Eiffel Tower (it was so so cold at the top!!) and visiting Le Louvre museum. Unfortunately the rest of the day’s activities took so long that we only had about 45 minutes in there so it was a quick dash to see the Mona Lisa and then I was so wiped out that I had to stop and take full advantage of their cafe! I didn’t realise that entry only cost 11euros though and there was loads that I would have liked to have seen, so I’ll whack a full day visit on the agenda for next time I’m there.

Paris - Louvre

Check out all those bags – the sign of a member of staff in a school trip group! School camera, check. First aid kit, check. Lots of extra food and water, check!

On the last night we also managed to get ourselves stuck in the middle of a riot and demonstration just off the Champs Elysée!

Paris - riot

Apparantly they were campaigning against gay marriage?! I will never understand how some people think…

I managed to snap a pretty picture of the Eiffel Tower as we left the city after a whirlwind trip for the ferry back to Dover. There was a long night ahead (with very little sleep!), drop offs at the airport and a very early arrival back at school. Needless to say, I was glad to be reunited with my own bed again last night!

Paris - night eiffel

Until next time Paris…