Consequences & Apologies.

14 Oct

It’s the Taunton Carnival tomorrow and we are running a school trip. There is a student here, let’s call him J, who really likes a girl, F, and I told him that the carnival would be the perfect time to make his move. (Chats with Miss Leach = Grade A teenage relationship advice!)

This evening J asked whether he could sign out to town, and I told him that he needed to wait 15minutes until he was allowed, but he could go to the garage to get some food if he wanted to. He agreed, and left.

Two of the other staff later found him smoking in town – not having signed out, and obviously having disobeyed my instructions and abusing my trust. As a result, he was banned from visiting the carnival tomorrow evening.

This evening he came to apologise:

J: Miss Leach, I’m sorry.

Me: I know J, thank you for your apology.

J: No really, I’m sorry. If it was another teacher I don’t care, but you’re a member of staff I like and I want you to trust me.

I know his behaviour was wrong, but sometimes it’s just nice to know that I’m getting on okay at school, and am appreciated by some of the kids!



3 Responses to “Consequences & Apologies.”

  1. Carolina John October 17, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    Wow that’s really neat. Getting others to want to earn your trust is a very big step in adult situations.


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